Jamie Oliver to ‘set the record straight’ over claims he wants school bake sales banned

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  • Jamie Oliver has hit back at reports that he and his Food Foundation wanted school cake bake sales banned in a bid to tackle unhealthy eating in schools.

    According to his Food Foundation report, childhood obesity has tripled in the past 30 years, which has seen Jamie Oliver become a very vocal advocate of healthier eating in schools. Who can forget the public flogging of school lunches in 2005?

    But that doesn’t mean the dad-of-five wants to kill off the humble school bake sale. Jamie has publicly denied that he or his foundation have ever wanted school cake sales banned.

    Taking to his Twitter account, Jamie shared his opinion with his 6.91million followers.

    [twitter] https://twitter.com/jamieoliver/status/922838604237467649[/twitter]

    The chef wrote: ‘There’s been a lot of talk about school bake sales and I want to set the record straight. I believe they’re a good thing…

    He added: ‘Cake sales raise much needed funds for schools & kids have fun and hopefully pick up a few baking skills along the way – all good stuff.’

    He went on to explain that his Foundation worked with some organisations to look at the state of food education in schools, before adding: ‘There’s A LOT of work to do.’

    [twitter] https://twitter.com/jamieoliver/status/922838956059844610[/twitter]

    Jamie explained the confusion came about following a comment from a year 7 pupil, featured in the Foundation’s report: ‘All the focus has been on 1 comment from a student about whether bake sales send out a conflicting message, you can see their quote here:’

    [twitter] https://twitter.com/jamieoliver/status/922839068479819776[/twitter]

    The 42-year-old admitted: ‘It’s a fair point, but with more robust food education bake sales 100% have a place.’

    And his followers were singing praises: ‘If ppl teach their kids how to cook real food, they will be healthier. It’s all about moderation. You’re doing a gr8 job @jamieoliver :)’ posted one.

    The chef has been a big advocate of healthy eating in schools

    Another follower agreed: ‘Cake should b enjoyed in moderation, they shouldn’t b demonised as bad, naughty, unclean food. That’s the lesson needs to be taught 2 every1’

    And this retired teacher couldn’t agree more: ‘This Retired High School Culinary and Baking teacher counldn’t agree more. Black bean brownies!’

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