‘I would go and have the operation if I wasn’t frightened’ Jamie Oliver opens up about vasectomy fears

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  • Jamie Oliver has spoken out about not wanting to have more children, admitting that he would get a vasectomy if he wasn’t ‘frightened to have the operation’.

    These days Jamie is known nearly as much for his ever expanding brood as he is for his food empire, after fathering five children with wife Jools.

    But despite being clearly over the moon with his large family, who he regularly showcases on his social media accounts, the chef has revealed that he isn’t hoping for baby number six.

    Speaking in an interview with Australian radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa, Jamie revealed that his wife likes the idea of having another child but he is ‘frightened’ of adding to their family.

    When asked if Jamie would be keen to have anymore kids, the Londoner replied, ‘I really don’t want anymore’, before explaining that Jools has other ideas.

    The restaurant owner went on to say that his wife has described five as being an uneven number of children to have.

    ‘She did say it was an unlucky, uneven number, which frightened me.’

    Despite not being keen on fathering another baby, the 41-year-old dad joked he wouldn’t have a vasectomy because he’s ‘frightened’ to go under the knife.

    ‘But I think, you know what, I would go and have the operation if I wasn’t frightened about face time live and how easily pushed over surgeons are in the UK’.

    The cookbook author went on to reminisce about being a father to five children that are between 15 years and just nine months old.

    ‘It’s disgusting really isn’t it, I don’t know really what happened here, well I do know what happened’, he said laughing.

    Jamie and Jools share three daughters and two sons, including Poppy Honey Rosie, 15, Daisy Boo Pamela, 14, Petal Blossom Rainbow, eight, Buddy Bear Maurice, six and River Rocket, nine months.

    Jools recently spoke to Vogue magazine about the possibility of having more children, admitting she will ‘never really draw the line’.

    ‘(River)’s six months now, so we’re past the really difficult sleepless first few months.

    ‘He’s such a joy. I’m getting older, but I’d definitely do it again if I could. I think Jamie’s finished, but you just never know!’

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