‘It always reduces me to tears’ Jeff Brazier reveals how he told his young sons their mother had died

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  • Jeff Brazier has revealed the tragic way he broke the news to his two young sons that their mother, Jade Goody, was dying and then that she had passed away.

    Since the death of his former partner, Jeff has worked on a number of projects relating to dealing with grief, and now the father-of-two has shared the way he told his young sons that their mother had died.

    The ex-footballer reveals that he and the Big Brother star discussed the best way to help their little ones understand death before she passed, deciding on a script which depicted Jade as a star in the night’s sky.

    Speaking to You magazine, the 38-year-old dad explained how thinking of that time still makes him emotional, ‘She didn’t want to tell them, but she knew she had to do it because she wanted them to know the truth.

    ‘The thought of that always reduces me to tears.

    ‘Our poor boys, poor Jade.’

    Jeff and his two sons in 2005

    Jeff continued to remember how he and Jade created a story for the boys, which explained that their mother would be turning into a star in the sky that they could always see.

    The dad described how once Jade had lost her battle with cancer, he took his two sons, Bobby and Freddie, into the garden to look at the stars.

    ‘I waited until bedtime and called them outside [in the garden]. In the end I didn’t need to say anything because the stars were out and they said, “Is that one mummy?”

    ‘They knew.’

    Bobby, 13, and Freddie, 12, were just five and four when Jade Goody’s cancer became terminal in 2009.

    Jeff and Jade at V Festival

    Jade rose to fame in 2002 on the reality TV show Big Brother and passed away from cervical cancer when she was just 27 years old.

    Now Jeff is fighting to raise awareness of both cervical and testicular cancer, and is particularly pushing for more young people to have the HPV jab, which is now available and would have prevented Jade from getting the infection which led to her cancer.

    The father is trying to educate his own children on the subject, explaining that it can be tricky to talk about.

    ‘As you can imagine, talking about bums and willies and cancers of those kinds are not going to be met with the most mature response.

    ‘I spoke to Bobby initially because he’s a little bit older, he’s 13, so he’s closer to any funny business than Freddie will be I think… I think!

    ‘When I did sort of highlight the fact that mummy’s cancer was cervical and it would have almost certainly come from or originated from a HPV virus, that’s when he begun to be a little bit more interested in the subject.

    ‘To know it was something his mum was ultimately a victim of, knowing that not having that prevention, not having the luxury of a vaccination while she was in school…

    ‘It’s difficult because you think if mum had have had that vaccination she’s still be here.’

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