Jeff Brazier shares son’s heartbreak after he was snubbed from friend’s birthday party

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  • Jeff Brazier has opened up about his son Fred’s heartbreak after he wasn’t invited to a friend’s birthday party, despite giving the girl his mum’s perfume as a gift.

    The doting dad wrote on social media to share with fans his son’s heartbreak, after the 13-year-old was snubbed from a friend’s birthday party.

    His youngest son Fred picked out a very special birthday gift for the girl – his mum’s perfume – only to find out that he hadn’t been invited to her birthday celebrations.

    Writing on Twitter, he said: ‘Felt for Fred today. He got a girl at school some of his Mums perfume for her birthday only to find out he wasn’t invited to her party 💔’

    Jeff then explained that the fact that Fred wasn’t invited was purely down to numbers: ‘Sharing his Mum in any form is the highest gesture he could offer. It was more a specific numbers thing I think so not to be taken to heart.’

    ‘Such courage to open himself up like that. I’m really proud’, the dad continued.

    But even though the dad reassured fans that it was all good, many still commented to say they were heartbroken for Fred, praising him for being a ‘lovely young man’.

    One wrote: ‘What a wonderful young man you are raising! Tell him never to change! Someone out there someday is gonna be a very lucky girl.’

    A second said: ‘Tell Fred he’s a lovely young man and I hope I’m not speaking out of turn but I’m pretty sure his mum would be very proud of him for today.’

    A third commented: ‘That is the mark of an extremely special young man. ❤️’, while a fourth added: ‘Where’s the unlike button? My heart just broke for him ❤️’

    Fred and his brother Bobby lost their mum, Jade Goody, in 2009, after she sadly lost her battle with cervical cancer.

    Jeff, who’s been raising his two kids alone since losing his wife, has since fallen in love again and recently got engaged.

    Before asking his girlfriend of four years, Kate Dwyer, to marry him, Jeff had to first get the approval of his sons: ‘Both boys were intrigued by how I’d do it. They said “what will you do, Dad, is she says no?”‘.

    Have you ever had a similar situation with your kids when they haven’t been invited to a friend’s party? Let us know in the comments!

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