Jeff Brazier shares sweet exchange with his youngest son ahead of starting secondary school

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  • Proud dad Jeff Brazier has taken to Twitter to share a sweet conversation he had with his youngest son, Fred, ahead of his first day of secondary school.

    Your child’s first day at secondary school is huge moment for any parent, and Jeff let his 490k Twitter followers in on an adorable conversation he had with his youngest son ahead of that moment this week.

    Most children are nervous before joining a new school, but from what Jeff says his son has got a mature head on his shoulders after telling his dad, ‘I don’t need to be scared because I look smart & can just be myself’ the night before his first day.

    Followers were blown away by Fred’s maturity, liking the tweet nearly 1,000 times and replying with comments such as, ‘that statement right there shows the great lessons you’re teaching him X’ and ‘I love how he’s being positive about his first day of school!’

    The father of two shared some adorable tweets telling followers how his son was coping as a Year 7 student, and he seems especially grateful that some of the older boys in his son’s football team looked after him.

    He tweeted, ‘So now both are in senior school, the beauty of having a kids football team, Fred had some older boys to walk him in & show him where to go’.

    Bobby and Freddie were just five and four when their mother Jade Goody passed away in 2009, aged just 27, after her battle with cervical cancer. Proud dad Jeff, 37, has kept the boys out of the limelight, but has now begun to share pics of his children on social media.

    Followers praised the former footballer for his parenting skills, and attributed his son’s successful first day to the way his father had raised him.

    One follower said, ‘well done Jeff you are a good daddy to your boys, it must have been hard’ and another ‘Bless him. He will be fine. Both great boys thanks to inspirational Dad.’

    Jeff’s final tweet let followers know that after his first day had come to an end, Fred seemed to doing fine, asking his dad if he could walk home with his new friends instead of getting a lift.

    He tweeted, ‘Before I can ask Fred about his first day he comes over & says ‘it’s ok Dad you can drive home now, I’m walking home with my mates’ #Perfect’