‘What signals is she sending to her young daughter?’ Jenna Dewan Tatum ‘mum-shamed’ over revealing picture

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  • Jenna Dewan Tatum, who’s married to actor Channing Tatum, has been accused of being a bad role model for girls after posting a revealing picture on social media.

    The mum, who was in London for her husband’s new film premiere Kingsman: The Golden Circle, posted the revealing picture on Instagram, with the caption ‘Cheeky balcony series’.

    But the photo didn’t go down well with many mums, who accused the dancer of being a bad role model for girls for showing off her body on social media.

    Cheeky balcony series

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    ‘Why?? You have everything. Why do you need attention from your sexy body on instagram?’ one wrote in the comments section.

    Another said: ‘You leave little to the imagination. #notclassy yeah kinda trashy. She usually isn’t posting this [kind of] nudie stuff.’

    A third commented: ‘Not flattering to you as an intelligent woman. You look great but don’t need to model objectifying your body parts on IG; or teach young girls to garner attention by sexual images of themselves.’

    A fourth user even mentioned the Jenna’s daughter Everly, saying her behaviour is not a good example for the four-year-old: ‘Of course she is hot but poor Everly. What signals is she sending to her young daughter? Mummy’s bum is all over the net haha. Lead by example.’

    Another said: ‘You look amazing but I don’t get why everyone wants to show their ass all the time for no apparent reason. You young ladies today think you need to post this. You have way to much class to bring it to this level. You’re a classy talented young woman. Be the inner you and love yourself.’

    However, many others commented to defend the mum-of-one, commending her for teaching her daughter to be ‘feel comfortable in her own skin’ and urging her not to listen to the ‘negative people’.

    One fan wrote: ‘I just saw that it said you were mom shamed. All I can say is WTF!! You look hot and you have a great body. @jennadewan your teaching your daughter to feel comfortable in her own skin. I fight with myself daily to watch what I say in front of my daughter because I want her to feel comfortable in her own skin! I applaud you and I think the picture was done in great taste and if you have it flaunt it!! @jennadewan I think they are just jealous or have nothing else to do!’

    How I imagine Posh Spice does tea time πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ˜

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    Another commented to praise her for being ‘real’: ‘Yeah she is a mom and is killing the game! My favorite is the creases in her back, I won’t dare call them rolls because they’re not. She could have seen it and retaken it but she didn’t because that’s real. She’s real.’

    A third agreed: ‘Who cares what any of these negative people say…as long as you are happy and healthy that is what matters. You are amazing mother and wife and a picture to show yourself doesn’t describe the type of wife or mother you are…so keep them coming and feel amazing about yourself because you are!!’

    The mum welcomed her first child four years ago

    A fourth user, who said she is a grandmother, wrote: ‘If my ass looked that awesome I’d post it everywhere…and I’m a grandmother! Good job momma for teaching your daughter to be proud of your body no matter what anyone says!’

    Following the negative reaction to her picture, Jenna took to Instagram again to respond with an image that read: ‘You can tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building up one another instead of tearing each other down.’

    Captioning the image, she wrote: ‘To all the strong women out there. May we be them, may we know them, may we raise themβ™₯️ Rise above judgment and step into love.’ Well said, Jenna.