Celeb mum sparks debate after taking her daughter out of school for ‘ice cream and movies’

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  • A celeb mum has sparked debate after admitting to taking her daughter out of school for a ‘mommy daughter day’.

    Jenni Farley, who appeared under the name JWoww in the MTV series Jersey Shore, shared a picture to her Instagram account of her daughter Meilani eating ice cream, telling fans that she ‘Took her out of school so we could have a mommy daughter day… ice cream and movies 💖’

    Many of her followers applauded Jenni’s decision, saying that they had similar memories of their own parents doing the same thing, or had taken ‘mental health days’ with their own children in the past.

    ‘I used to love when my mom did those days for me! You’re a great mom!’ one such follower exclaimed, whilst another agreed: ‘I love sneaking my kids out of school and doing something fun with them.’

    ‘I did the same with both of my kids now we have those fond memories enjoy them make the most of your time with each child individually,’ a third added. ‘Treasure each moment and also THANK YOU FOR SHARING.’

    ‘So sweet, i do the same with my little one ❤❤❤ daycare is always there, memory and experiences arent,’ another applauded.

    However, others criticised the reality star’s choice to take her daughter out of education for the treat, saying that there’s no reason why they couldn’t have had the same experience outside of school hours.

    ‘Smart cus that can’t happen at all during the weekend,’ one wrote, to which a follower responded: ‘Nope It’s only cool if u take them out of school duh’.

    My angel

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    ‘Don’t take her out of school for ice cream come on Jennie??????’ a similar comment read, whilst another disgruntled commenter agreed: ‘Seriously? She should probably be in school.’

    One fan jumped to Jenni’s defence, replying: ‘I’m sure she goes to school everyday.. it’s Friday come one let the people live 😂 I think them bonding is more important then being in school lol’ – but they were quickly told ‘actually school is more important, they can bond after school.’

    However, it wasn’t long before more and more of her 5.1 million followers sent messages of support: ‘hi please ignore what people say. She has plenty of opportunities to sit in school and color, she’s still young she’s not missing a test, she doesn’t have homework to make up; so please don’t let other people comment on YOUR decision to allow your daughter to enjoy herself,’ one said. ‘In my opinion she’s allowed to take a mommy daughter day every once and a while. Keep doin you Ma❤❤❤’

    ‘Don’t see what’s wrong with her taking HER daughter out of school early to spend some time with her?’ another chimed in. ‘My parents use to do this all the time. Mind your business if you don’t have anything good to say😴’