Jennifer Metcalfe compares pregnancy to a hangover as she reveals she felt sick every day

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  • Jennifer Metcalfe

    has opened up about feeling sick every single day during her pregnancy, an experience which she likened to a ‘nine month hangover’.

    The Hollyoaks actress welcomed her son Daye in back in June, and has confessed just how ill she was during the nine months.

    Jennifer, 35, who has been with the father of her son, former Geordie Shore star Greg Lake, for four years, said she suffered from ‘every symptom there is.’

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    Speaking to the Daily Mail, she explained: ‘I just felt pants every day. I just felt like I had a nine month hangover without the fun in-between obviously. Every day I just felt a bit sick.’

    ‘Basically I had a bit of every pregnancy symptom you can get,’ she says. ‘I had a bit of constipation, I was beyond tired.’

    ‘The nausea was the worst because that started after six weeks and went right through until the end. I’m glad it’s over!’

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    It’s not the first time Jennifer has described pregnancy in this way – earlier this year, she told Reveal magazine: ‘My appetite have really gone throughout my pregnancy. It’s been like an eight-month hangover.’

    ‘Putting on a few pounds is the least of my worries when I can’t sleep and can’t eat what I want. I’ve had the exact opposite of cravings – aversions to food.’

    Since giving birth, Jennifer has been promoting post-baby body confidence, even showing off her ‘squidgy’ tummy in a candid selfie to encourage other mums to love their new bodies.

    And while the pregnancy itself might not have been much fun, the new mum says that she loves being a parent.

    Since having Daye, Jennifer revealed she rarely has time to go for the gym, and keeps trim by following the 5:2 diet.

    The Bradford-born actress admitted that while her body may have changed since giving birth, she’s much more confident than ever.

    ‘I think I always feel confident now, I guess I don’t care as much as I get older. I do care about my health,’ she said, adding: ‘As long as my body is functioning properly and I’m at a nice healthy weight I don’t really care if I look absolutely perfect in a bikini.’

    ‘I suppose since having a the baby I see what the woman’s body can do and I’ve to new found respect for it.’