‘It’s strange’ Jessica Biel criticised for kissing son on the lips

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  • Jessica Biel is being criticised on social media after her husband Justin Timberlake posted a snap of her kissing their son on the lips.

    The couple, who share son Silas, are currently in Europe for Justin’s Man of the Woods Tour and have been sharing glimpses of their fun family time in Europe.

    In one the pictures the dad posted, taken in Paris, Jessica is seen kissing Silas on the lips, which Justin sweetly captioned: ‘If that pic doesn’t say ‘City Of Love’ then I’m out…’.

    But despite many of the singer’s followers gushing about what a cute moment it was between mother and son, some people criticised the mum for kissing her child on the lips. Others also slammed the parents for the little boy’s hair being so long.

    If that pic doesn't say ‘City Of Love’ then I'm out…

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    One said: ‘IMO [in my opinion] it’s strange to kiss your kids (or anyone else you’re not in a romantic relationship with) on the lips. Gross! Same deal with dogs licking your face. I guess the mom really wanted a girl if she’s keeping the hair long. Celine Dion did it too.’

    Another wrote: ‘He’s adorable but please cut his hair.’

    However, not everyone was criticising the mum, with many saying that kissing your child on the lips is a gesture of ‘pure love’, and that they don’t understand the ‘stigma’ behind it.


    A post shared by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on

    One said: ‘I can’t believe all of the negative comments. Keep your opinions to yourself, people. This is a beautiful pic beaming with love. Such a lovely family.’

    Another wrote: ‘Sooo cute! Don’t worry about the nasty comments on here! You do you as parents! My son is 7 and he still insists on kissing me on the lips. Nothing, I mean NOTHING wrong about it. Silas is adorable and so loved, that’s al that matters!’

    While a third also commented: ‘Absolutely nothing wrong with kissing your kids on the lips. They grow up fast! Some boys can rock long hair esp curly hair!’

    What do you think about kissing children on the lips? Do you do it to your kids or do you think it’s strange? Head over to our Facebook group and let us know your thoughts!

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