Supernanny Jo Frost 'challenges' Katie Price to stop swearing in front of her kids

The Loose Women showdown almost resulted in a naughty step stint for the mum-of-five

Supernanny Jo Frost and Loose Women panellist Katie Price came head to head after the childcare professional challenged the mum-of-five to stop swearing in front of her kids.

Channel 4's Supernanny, Jo Frost is famous for her 'naughty step' discipline and no nonsense approach to childcare, and it seems to go for adults as well as children. 

During a recent appearance on Loose Women, Jo fielded viewers' questions about how to deal with their kids.

One audience member posed the question: 'Is it okay to swear in front of my kids?' to which panellist Katie Price piped up: 'I do this too.'

The mum-of-five went on to admit: 'In my house, wherever I am, there's a kid near me. I do swear, I can't help it. I do it all the time. I don't do it on purpose.' 

However Jo didn't accept this, and insisted that Katie can control her words, ultimately challenging her to ban bad language for good.

'I think we should be more conscious of the language we use around our children and I believe that if you were really focused on saying to yourself "I'm going to be mindful about not swearing",' Jo explained. 'I bet you can do it.'

'I bet you, no, I challenge you. I bet you can do it...'

Former glamour model Katie confessed that her kids tell her off all the time for it and have already tried to help her stop - and even set up a swear jar for her.

Katie is mum to 15-year-old Harvey, Junior, 12, Princess, 10, Jett, three and two-year-old Bunny.

Back in May 2016, Katie's eldest son Harvey, who has autism and suffers from learning and behavioural difficulties, swore live on the ITV show - dropping the 'c word' when asked what he would say to a bully.

Presenter Andrea McLean swiftly apologised for the use of the word, but Katie later won praise from fans for having insisted that the show be recorded live rather than pre-recorded to offer an accurate representation of her son's behaviour.

What do you think? Do you sometimes swear in front of the kids or is it a big no-no? Let us know in the comments box below.


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