Mum encourages women to ‘keep walking’ and find time for themselves in honest viral post

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  • A mum has been applauded for her unapologetic approach to parenting after penning a post encouraging other parents to take some time for themselves.

    Mummy blogger and mum-of-three Jordan Harrell’s viral post, entitled ‘Keep Walking Mama’, has gained plenty of praise from other mums in similar positions, many of whom have called her an ‘inspiration.’

    ‘When you and your husband finally make plans to go on a much-needed date, just the two of you, and you tip-toe out of grandma’s house just in time to hear the wails coming from the other side of the door… keep walking, mama,’ she begins the message.

    ‘When the littlest wakes up mad at everything and hating everyone and crying about nothing in particular and you consider calling a priest to cleanse the house and you just need a break so you put him in his crib and let him cry and take a quick step outside for just a few deep breaths…’

    ‘Keep walking, mama.’

    She goes on: ‘Do not look back. Do not feel guilty. There is no guilt in taking time for yourself. They are loved. They are cared for. They are fine.’

    ‘They are learning valuable lessons about trust and independence and you are learning valuable lessons about trust and independence.’

    ‘You need this. You deserve this, so keep walking, mama,’ she concludes, adding that when you return, ‘you will be a better mama than the one who walked away.’

    The post has made an impact with many mums who admitted they suffer with ‘mom guilt’ too, and took to the comments to celebrate Jordan’s sentiments.

    ‘Ohhhh, I so need to remember this,’ said one mum. ‘I am a huge sufferer of mom guilt, partly because my husband stays at home and the kids don’t understand why I can’t too. Thanks for laying it out so clearly!’

    ‘I’m so glad there is others like me,’ agreed another, and one mum put simply: ‘Yep. Gotta do it. Sanity is important!’

    One final mum summed it up perfectly when she said: ‘Mommin’ ain’t easy!’