Cindy Crawford's 15-year-old daughter Kaia Gerber sparks controversy with 'inappropriate' photo

'Her parents probably don't care'

Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia Gerber has sparked controversy on social media after posting a photograph that some fans considered to be 'inappropriate'.

The teenager, who's already following in her supermodel mum's footsteps with a blossoming modelling career, posted the controversial snap on Instagram with the caption 'uniform'.

In the selfie, the 15-year-old, can be seen wearing a bathrobe and showing off her shoulders, wearing a full face of make-up.

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The glamorous picture didn't go down well with many of Kaia's 1.4m followers, who commented to say the snap was too 'inappropriate' for her age.

One wrote: 'Her parents probably don't care. lack of good parenting results in this false glorification of the self... she doesn't look like a 15 years old girl. She looks like a woman, she teases like one and she probably behaves like one. It's all about the external image, an empty shell. They are craving for the wrong attention!!'

Another said: 'I love Kaia with all my heart and she is gorgeous but she is too young for this types of photos' You are pretty but way too young to pose like this on social media,' said another.

Kaia is already following in her mum's footsteps and often models for big fashion brands

A third fan commented: 'Pretty GIRL.... sad to see this is the image you are portraying. As a mother I'd be beyond disappointed and angry... where ya at Cindy? Maybe let's start treating our girls as such and they won't be in a hurry to grow up and show off their bodies like adult women.'

A fourth also took to the comments section to say: 'WHY do u always have to make yourself look like a grown woman, when u should look 15 going on 16! Even the outfits chosen for formal events - most look suitable for a 30-yr old...not to mention the heavy makeup. Btw this picture is kinda inappropriate for u to be posting on Instagram.'

However, not everyone thought the picture was inappropriate for Kaia's age, with some fans commenting to say the young model looked 'gorgeous'.

One user said: 'Y'all need to calm down. Yes she's 15, who cares. Wasting time by commenting about her age and how she should cover up is going to do nothing. You people are literally wasting a few seconds of your life that you could be using to do something useful. She is not going to change what she does because of other people's opinions. Leave her be. You look gorgeous @kaiagerber.'

Another wrote: 'Go girl, you're gorgeous! ❤️ To those offended by Kaia's shoulders, there are better things you should be doing than judging. Judging is not your job.'

Do you think Kaia's picture was inappropriate for her age? Let us know in the comments section!


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