Kara Waite’s perfect response to teachers and doctors who ‘fat-shamed’ an eight-year-old girl

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  • Kara Waite wants us to remember that ‘all of the women in your life are more than their bodies’ in response to body-shamers who made cruel comments about an eight-year-old girl’s weight.

    Kara, who is a community college professor and instructional designer at a music school in Boston, posted on Facebook on 5 November after her friend shared the story about her school-age daughter.

    ‘Today I had a long talk with a friend about her little girl. The child is overweight, and not only are children at school teasing her, but her doctor and teacher are making cruel comments about the girl in front of her.’

    The teacher decided to write the response as the situation makes her so sad ‘I can’t even express it’.

    Whilst the Massachusetts resident agrees that there are problems surrounding obesity and being medically overweight, ‘That doesn’t change the strong possibility that, somewhere, there’s a little girl being made to feel bad about her body, and that’s bad.’

    Kara explains how instead of motivating the child to lose weight, the girl’s doctor ruins her self esteem; ‘He says you need to move more, you need to eat less, you’re a smart girl, this is simple math.’

    ‘What that little girl hears: you are lazy, you aren’t smart enough to make your body the way it should be, there is something wrong with your body.’

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    The post, which has already been shared over 600 times, compares adults to child bullies; ‘What the teacher says: you don’t need another piece of candy. What that little girl hears: you are not allowed to have a thing that you enjoy; enjoying things is for other people, not for you.’

    Arguing that this will not make the child skinny but will only achieve; ‘An obsession with food, thighs, cellulite, rolls, curves, lard, blah blah blah. Insecurity. Turmoil. A waste of time, money, energy, and happiness…’ the post has resonated with many readers also stuck in lifelong yo-yo dieting.

    Kara also has young nieces who, at ages nine and 12, she already sees ‘talking about size and weight and food and being good and not eating a second brownie.’

    She is currently working on a memoir about trying to love her body called ‘Weightless’ and she told Buzzfeed; ‘I don’t remember a time, growing up, when I wasn’t self-conscious about my body.’