How a wet and dry vacuum cleaner can help give your garden a post-summer spruce

Kärcher’s range of Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners helps you bring back the wow – when the job is just too tough for your regular indoor vac

A yellow garden vacuum cleaner on a patio
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If you’ve spent the entire summer outdoors, it’s only natural your garden might be looking tired and tatty. From parties to impromptu outdoor sports with the kids, everything from the grass and flowerbeds to the patio and paths could be in need of a little TLC. 

So before the cold, wet weather kicks in, now’s the ideal time to give your garden a good clean to bring it back into shape. Which could help you take advantage of any warmer evenings too. 

Kärcher’s here to help – and its range of tough, versatile wet and dry vacuum cleaners will make your garden clean-up all the easier. 

Lean, mean cleaning machines

An outdoor vacuum cleans chalk on paving

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But first, what is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner and why do you need one? Put simply, it’s a vacuum designed for the jobs too tough for your regular indoor vac. It can be used virtually anywhere in, around and outside your home, making the list of cleaning jobs you can tackle almost endless. 

And with a Kärcher WD switching between dry and wet pick-up is seamless. They’re great for big, messy tasks, or everyday ones that are truly unexpected! 

The Kärcher WD range

From mud and leaves to gravel, sawdust and even large volumes of sand and dust, the Kärcher WD can vacuum it all. And when it comes to wet mess, have one to hand and you can take on leaking washing machines or dishwashers, bird baths, blocked sinks and more. 

Some even have a blower function, helping you to reach tricky corners in the garden, or gather leaves ready for vacuuming up.

Watch writer Heather Young in the video player to see how she got on using the Kärcher WD 4 for a host of seasonal cleaning tasks – and found some unexpected ones too. 

Handy features to make life easy

Generous capacities, long power cords – the WD 4 has a 5-metre one – and tools that attach to the side of the machine, mean the Kärcher WD range is designed to make cleaning a lot easier. 

Need to get into a tight spot? Simply switch to the nozzle attachment and when you’re done place back along with the other accessories on the bumper and head storage. 

And the WD 4’s 20 litre container allows you to vacuum up heaps of dirt and water, making it perfect for cleaning bird baths, mucky ponds and even sucking up water from a paddling pool. 

A yellow outdoor hoover on a patio

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Find out more

Discover the entire range of Kärcher WD vacuum cleaners and find the one that suits your home and cleaning needs best. 

Available to buy direct from Kärcher or from DIY retailers nationwide.