Kate Wright reveals her own ‘upsetting’ experience of step-mums inspires her to be better for Rio’s kids

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  • Kate Wright has opened up about how her own experience of having several step-mums has made her want to be the best possible step-mum for her boyfriend Rio Ferdinand's kids.

    Kate has taken huge steps to make herself the best possible step-mum to Rio’s three children.

    Last year she revealed that she was giving up her reality TV career so that she could spend more time with the family and she’s spoken before about her conscious effort to be there for all the children and include them in everything she does. 

    In an interview with You Magazine, Kate has now revealed one of the underlying reasons she feels so passionately about making sure the kids are happy is because of her own personal experiences with unpleasant step-mum figures.

    Kate’s parents split when she was three-years-old and while she was growing up she had more than one upsetting experience with a step-mum.

    The 27-year-old recalled a particular example that left her uninvited to one of her dad’s weddings when she was just nine-years-old.

    She said: ‘I’ve had a few step-mums but they weren’t in my life majorly. My experience has helped define how I want to treat Rio’s kids and how I want them to see me.’

    Kate and Rio’s three children, 12-year-old Lorenz, 10-year-old Tate and seven-year-old Tia have a very close bond and Kate joked that they would love another sibling to join their family.

    She admitted: ‘The kids would like a little brother or sister; they say “I dreamt that you were pregnant”…but right now we’re just happy with our little unit.’

    As soon as Kate met the kids she fell in love with them and soon realised that her life was going to change in a massive way from then on.

    She admitted: ‘I couldn’t be part of his life and not part of theirs. I knew it would be a challenge, but if you love someone you go with it and deal with the difficult stuff.’

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