Katherine Heigl starts debate by revealing she told her family exactly what she wanted on Mother’s Day

Would you ever do it?

Katherine Heigl has divided opinion after she revealed that she had the perfect Mother’s Day – because she told her husband and children exactly how she wanted the day to go.

The former Grey's Anatomy actress revealed in an Instagram post that she gave her family – husband, Josh and three kids, Nancy Leigh, nine, Adalaide Marie Hope, six, and son Josh Bishop, 17 months – very clear instructions on what she wanted from her special day.

Sharing a cute family snap of herself with her three children, Katherine admitted that she pre-planned her Mother’s Day down to the very last detail to make sure her expectations were met.

She said: ‘My Mother’s Day was perfect this year. Let me tell you why...because I told @joshbkelley and the kids exactly what I wanted and what I was expecting.

‘That may seem a little...unromantic but it saves my kids and husband the stress of trying to read my mind, it saves me any disappointment that my mind was not properly read and it ensures my day is exactly what I hoped for!'

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Katherine, who's going to be replacing Meghan Markle in the hit TV show Suits after she joined the royal family, revealed that she wanted her Mother’s Day to start with cards, flowers and candy, before heading to ‘a delicious brunch, then a little walk and picture taking among the apple blossoms with two incredibly photogenic daughters and one cranky son.’

She added: ‘Next came gelato which was enjoyed at @louboutinworld while I picked out my gift from @joshbkelley. I chose the most gorgeous pair of pink sparkly Cinderella heels! Heavenly, heavenly, heavenly!’

But Katherine’s admission was met with some debate, with many of her followers accusing her of missing the true meaning of Mother’s Day.

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One said: ‘I honestly think this is selfish when people do things for you from the heart, it is done out of sheer love, but to less dictate how you want it, just takes the true meaning out of it.’

Another added: ‘If you put value into a gift, I feel sorry for you. You missed the whole purpose of the celebration of mother's day. It's about love and appreciation, not the value of presents. You kids should make you something that takes thought and love.’

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However, others agreed with Katherine’s decision to plan her own perfect day. One commented: ‘What a clever woman you are! It will save many years and episodes of disappointments from expectations not being reached as truly men cannot read our minds!’

And another said: ‘That's the best way to do it! Tell them what you want and there will be no disappointment’.

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