'The only time butt dimples are cute' Mum slammed on social media for 'fat-shaming' comment

Katherine showed off her baby's dimpled bottom on Instagram, starting a heated discussion...

A mum has sparked a heated debate after claiming 'butt dimples' are only a good thing when they're on babies.

27-year-old Katherine Webb posted a picture on Instagram of herself holding her naked baby son, Tripp, while posing for a mirror selfie.

'The only time butt dimples are cute #bathtimebaby,' she captioned the photo, which gathered a mixed reaction from her followers.

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Some of Katherine's followers consider her caption as a form of fat-shaming towards overweight adults, interpreting it as a claim that butt dimples or cellulite can never be attractive on anyone except babies.

'What an opinion of how a body should look to pass on to your child!! Such a shame!' commented one follower.

'It's natural to have butt dimples, not everyone's perfect. Please stop encouraging body shaming,' said another person.

However, many followers were quick to defend Katherine, commenting that others were overreacting and that her caption holds some truth.

'Y'all hating on this picture need to move on. She did not mean it to harm anyone. Stop taking things out of context,' defended one follower.

'Well it's true! I have dimples and I weight 135[lb] so I need to work [out] more. It doesn't have to be a "fat shaming" comment. They ain't cute!' wrote one person.

'Dimple butts aren't cute. I would know.. I look at mine in the mirror everyday! Enjoy your baby this is the best age,' advised another.

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'It's not body shaming. When grown adults have butt dimples it's because they have more body fat than their body was made for,' claimed someone.

Model Katherine and her husband, American football player AJ McCarron, welcomed baby Tripp in May 2016.

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The mum has discussed her body's changes frequently on her Instagram page.

Just one month after having her son, Katherine shared a bikini photo of herself and captioned it by claiming she felt 'great about herself' even with cellulite on her bum and stretch marks, having gained 44lb during her pregnancy.

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Do you think Katherine's post fat-shames adults, or is it just a harmless baby photo? Let us know in the comments below!


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