Katie Piper reveals the sweet way she explains her scars to her daughter

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  • Katie Piper has revealed the way that she explains her scars to her daughter.

    Katie recently disclosed that three-year-old Belle is old enough now to notice the scarring she has after surviving an acid attack in March 2008, but says that when the tot asks about them: ‘I simply explain that ‘”Mummy got burnt”.’

    ‘Sometimes she’ll ask if it hurts and I tell her it used to, but not anymore,’ Katie explained to GoodtoKnow. ‘When I go into hospital for operations on my nose she’ll come with me with her own little doctor’s kit, it’s very sweet! She’s very used to hospitals, and doctors because of my treatments.

    ‘It’s never something I’ve hidden from her, there are pictures of me in bandages and with my mask on around the house, so it won’t be one big reveal one day. She’s so aware of everything that’s going on, and we tell her what she wants to know when she asks.’

    The 33-year-old also opened up about her experience of mum guilt during her life as a busy presenter and mother, saying that being a working parent is ‘really important’ to her, as she wants her daughter to have a ‘strong’ role model.

    ‘It is so hard and of course there are times that it’s really hard with my busy schedule. But being a working mum is really important to me, and I want to Belle to see that she has a strong, working mum,’ Katie added.

    ‘I admit that finding the balance is tricky. It just takes super organisation skills and I am very strict with my family time as that is the priority.

    ‘I try to not feel guilty, as I believe that Belle should grow up seeing me working hard to give her the best values in life and work ethic, but it’s so important to me to have a healthy balance of family life vs work life.’

    When she does have time with her little one, Katie says that Belle’s interests keep them both busy.

    ‘She LOVES Peppa Pig and Peter Pan, so they’re usually involved!’ she said. ‘Belle is very active so we go on lots of walks, go swimming and Belle also takes ballet which she loves! We also love doing crafts together.’

    However, despite the fun Katie and Belle have together, there is one rule that she does enforce: she never shares her daughter’s face on social media.

    Why? ‘Security. I’ll never show her face, and it’s something I feel strongly about.’

    When Belle grows up, Katie hopes that she’ll have a similarly guarded approach towards the internet and social media sharing.

    ‘I’m very wary of social media and the influence that can have on young minds, but I’m hoping that may not be so bad when Belle is older, I still have another 10-12 years hopefully where it may change! Social media is a wonderful thing, and a great tool for change, but it also can be dangerous when not used in the right way.

    ‘Children are like sponges in that they soak up everything around them, so as long as you show you are confident, whether you’re faking it or not, they’ll be sure to follow suit.

    ‘The one word I’ll never use around Belle is “can’t” – you always can do something, you just need to find a way with the support of those around you.’

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