Katie Piper finally reveals name of her new baby girl

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  • Katie Piper might have given birth to her second child back on 15 December but she’s only just shared the little one’s name with fans.

    A few weeks after welcoming the second addition to her brood, the TV presenter revealed that she and her husband Richard Sutton have decided to cal their baby daughter Penelope.

    ‘It was a name we’d had in mind for Belle and I’ve always liked it,’ she revealed during an interview with Hello! magazine.

    ‘We started referring to her as Penelope, even telling Belle because we figured it made the experience all the more real for her.

    ‘We were amazed when she didn’t let the cat out of the bag because she’s such a chatterbox.’

    The tiny tot’s middle name is Diane, a moniker with a personal meaning for the family as it’s the name of Katie’s mother and the duo are extremely close.

    Describing her newest bundle of joy as an ‘angel’ and ‘chilled out’, Katie seems to have adjusted to life as a mother-of-two seamlessly.

    ‘New Year’s Day walk today – trying out Belle’s latest gadget, the buggy board! The lazy toad loves it and it’s helping her feel part of the new arrival!’, she joked on Instagram yesterday alongside a shot of herself pushing a buggy through the woods.

    Penelope is not visible in the photo but her big sister, three-year-old Belle, can be seen sporting a fun pair of bright pink wellies.

    Although she’s very content as a family of four, Katie also revealed that she wouldn’t mind adding another baby to her brood at some point in the future.

    ‘I feel completely fulfilled having our two girls and think they’re enough. If anything did change, I think we would adopt. It’s something Richie and I have talked about a lot and he’s always been open to that’, she told the publication.

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