‘I’m a bit restricted’ Katie Piper explains why she has to have a Caesarean section for her second baby

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  • Due in December this year, Katie Piper can’t wait to meet her second baby.

    Already mum to Belle, three, Katie revealed that her daughter is just as excited as she is to meet the newest member of their family.

    Speaking to the MailOnline at the launch of her ‘Mother’ maternity collection with WantThatTrend.Com, Katie revealed: ‘She’s so excited, she’s telling everyone else that she’s pregnant as well, which is quite funny considering she’s three.’

    As a result of the horrific acid attacked she suffered in 2008, Katie also revealed that she will have another Caesarean this year with her second baby, just like she did for Belle back in 2014. 

    ‘I’m a bit restricted because I have a medical problems, I have scar tissue in my stomach,’ she said.

    ‘Last time I had to have a Caesarean so I think I have to follow the same birthing plan as last time.’

    Images: Ruth Rose

    Although Katie has been enjoying her second pregnancy, she has also admitted that sometimes she finds it hard juggling that whilst looking after her toddler.

    ‘It’s tiring, cos I’ve got a toddler. It’s exhausting all the time.’

    ‘One minute you’re like “I can’t do this” the next you’re like “no, this is so exciting”. It’s a mix.’

    Katie and husband Richard are both ‘excited’ about the birth of their new baby, which is due around Christmas time. Although they don’t know the gender of their newest family member yet, the doting mum says that the little one’s arrival will make Christmas ‘even more special’ this year.

    Katie is well prepared for pregnancy and the changes she is experiencing this time around. Learning from her experiences when she was pregnant with Belle, she said that she, ‘wanted launch my own maternity range as soon as I found out the wonderful news that I was expecting my second child.’

    ‘Pregnancy is a time where our body hang-ups become exaggerated and our confidence is tested, so I hope that other women are able to embrace the changes to the body that pregnancy brings and feel gorgeous in my new ‘Mother’ maternity collection.’