Katie Price accused of teaching her children that pets are ‘disposable’

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  • Katie Price has been criticised for a social media post advertising two cats that she’s hoping to rehome.

    Mum-of-five Katie, 39, shared an image of the pair to her Instagram account, explaining to her 1.7 million fans that they didn’t get along with some of her other animals, and so she was looking to sell them.

    ‘Hey unfortunately I’m having to sell my cats and find good home £1300 each they are boys and been spade 😩😩our dogs just don’t like them 😩’ she wrote, before including contact details for ‘serious enquiries’.


    Whilst some supported Katie’s decision to find the cats a new home under the circumstances, others questioned her choice to sell the duo rather than offering them to a sanctuary or rescue charity.

    ‘Would you not rehome them through a pet sanctuary?’ one asked. ‘Please make sure the home/s they go to are safe and loving, their happiness and security is more valuable than their price.’

    ‘Wouldn’t it be nice just to find good loving homes for them instead of selling them!!!!!’ another exclaimed, followed by a third who wrote: ‘It is so wrong to sell the beautiful cats. You be got money and you don’t need that. Give them away’.

    ‘Disgusting how people can bring animals into their home for looks then discard them because they didnt put any consideration of how the pets they already own will react,’ another commenter exclaimed. ‘Have some class.’

    One of Katie’s followers even suggested that she was setting a bad example for her children, by teaching them that animals were ‘disposable’.

    ‘Disgraceful you would use Instagram to sell these poor cats. Stop buying animals! Setting the worst example for your children – disposable pets,’ they declared.

    Bunny on Bobby 💕🐰

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    Katie prides herself on being an animal lover and shares her home with a menagerie of pets, including dogs, cats, horses and even skinny pigs, the hairless version of guinea pigs.

    However, it’s not the first time she’s come under fire for social media posts about her four-legged family. Back in December 2016, followers slammed the star for grooming her horses in heart-shaped patterns, telling her that they’re not ‘accessories’.

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