Fans criticise Katie Price after she shares picture of daughter Bunny playing in horse manure

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  • Katie Price has been criticised by fans after sharing a picture of her youngest daughter Bunny playing in horse manure.

    The 37 year old, who is also mum to Harvey, 13, Junior, 10, Princess, eight, and Jett, two, posted a photograph of one-year-old Bunny playing on the floor at her stables to her Instagram account, captioning the image ‘My little grot bag Bunny again in the muck while I’m mucking out.’

    My little grot bag Bunny again in the muck 🙈😂😂🐰🐰 while I'm mucking out 🐎🐎

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    The image sparked plenty of debate amongst Katie’s 997,000 followers

    To many, the snap simply showed Bunny spending time with her mum in the fresh air, but some fans were quick to point out that there was manure on the floor, and suggested that it may even pose a threat to her health.

    ‘That’s making me uneasy a baby sitting that close to horse poo???’ one follower exclaimed, while another added ‘Yep i agree totally disgusting! & potentially dangerous’.

    However, others were quick to jump to Katie’s defense, saying that horse poo is a natural product and therefore unlikely to make Bunny sick.

    ‘Why is everyone slating her? If anyone knew about horses they’d realise horse poo is just grass, and unfortunately having a horse means you need to pick this up! She’s having fun she’s not going to get hurt or ill! I think @officialkatieprice knows how to bring up a child! People are too quick to judge’, said another user, supported by a second who said ‘I hope it’s safe I’ve been eating sarnies after mucking out for the last 10 years. It’s not harmful like dog and cat poo. It’s hay and grass!’

    ‘Everyone’s too clean these days, no wonder kids are always Ill and have allergies. Get them out in the dirt get them immune, good on you Katie,’ others agreed.

    My little farm Girl X

    A post shared by Katie Price (@officialkatieprice) on

    Katie often posts pictures of her children playing outdoors

    A couple of commenters also stated that they were less concerned about the manure and more concerned by the fact that the horse was not secure.

    ‘Only thing I would worry about is the horse coming out through that door.. The muck side is safe but of that horse decides to go out that baby is stood on.. I have horses I’ve also been trampled by our safe as houses horse I have photos of my injury to prove what a horse can do,’ one wrote, and a second agreed, ‘Omg get a grap its nothin like kid playin in the park falling in dog dirt which can potentially blind them ??? I’d b more concerned about the horse bein bit close to the child ?? But Katie must know her horse’.

    What do you think about Bunny playing in the stables – harmless fun, or a potential health risk? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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