Katie Price hits back at critics who said she exploits her children in the BEST way!

Now THAT'S how to respond

Katie Price has 'responded' in the best way possible to critics who claimed her appearance on Tuesday's Loose Women was exploiting her son.

Although the mum of four hasn't said anything directly she simply posted a sweet picture on Instagram to fans and followers of a quote that obviously resonates with her, about the importance of the love for your children.

In the image two little baby feet can be seen held in a mother's hands. Over the top the quote reads, 'Life will be full of ups and downs. It will be one tough ride. But your love for your child will be the anchor that will see you through it all.'

One follower, Sarah Yates, commented to show her support of Katie's parenting, saying: 'You can see the love you have for Harvey, I take my hat off to you, from one special needs parent to another... Keep doing the fantastic job you do!! Xx'

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The controversy over whether or not Katie was exploiting her son came after they appeared together live on Loose Women.

The mum of five wanted to bring her son onto the show to educate people who troll her son online, about the effects her son's condition has on his life. She insisted on airing the programme live to show 'the real Harvey' in a bid to illustrate the difficulties he faces with his Prader-Willi condition, autism and ADHD.

However, as with the nature of live television, there was a slight blooper. When Katie asked Harvey what he would say to online trolls he answered, 'Hello you c****.' Andrea McLean was quick to point out that the reason they choose to do the section live was to show people what it's really like living with Harvey's condition.

In the section Katie talks about some of the horrible things online bullies say about Harvey.

Katie's decision to appear with her son on national television has split critics, with some saying she was using Harvey for her own publicity gains while others praised her for her parenting.


One Twitter user, Frazer, said, 'How does #Harvey know about 'InternetTrolls?'. It's just @MissKatiePrice using her son for her own gain #Disability' [twitter]

Another viewer wrote, '#harvey she knows he's getting trolled so what does she do to the poor kid? Puts him all over national tv yet again! He's fab she's a fool'

Katie stood up for her decision, saying: 'It's important to me for people to see how vulnerable he is, how much I love him and I'm not stopping when it comes to the issue of trolling.'

And there were others who praised both Katie and Harvey on social media.

Twitter user Macy wrote, 'Seeing Harvey on #loosewomen is just adorable. People are just proper nasty. Yes he swore. And? Hats off to you Katie xx'. While another fan tweeted, 'Breaking my heart watching this.. Bloody love Harvey. Don't know how people can be so cruel. Katie Price is such a role model. #loosewomen'


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