Katie Price shocks Loose Women with controversial breastfeeding comments

'I don’t want to see that'

Katie Price has shocked her fellow Loose Women by making some controversial comments on the subject of breastfeeding.

During a debate about the privacy concerns of posting pregnancy pictures online, the mum-of-five said, 'I don't like breast-feeding selfies. I don't agree with people putting up pictures of them breastfeeding.'

Co-host Linda Robson quickly responded, asking the former glamour model 'Why? It’s the most natural thing in the world to want to feed your child!'

'Yeah, but I don't want to see that, like people probably won't want to see me my selfies, my boobs and this and that,' Katie replied.

Linda pressed further, questioning whether if Katie saw a mother breastfeeding in a restaurant whether it would make her feel 'queasy'.

'If it's proper out then you can't help looking.

'I know it's a natural thing, but I don't want to eat my dinner seeing a woman's boob out.'


Katie has never denied the benefits of breastfeeding, but said on Twitter in 2014 that she'd chosen to bottle-feed all of her children.

'I didn’t breast feed any although I could of! Bf is sooo good for baby’s but for me I like bottle feeding so I know what there drinking, as my friends bf and always on the boob', she wrote on the social media site.

However, at the end of the segment, she did clarify, 'I am so for breastfeeding, what I meant is if it’s like there. Breastfeeding all the way.'

During the show, the panel also discussed the safety of sharing bump pictures online, after a blogger in the news was horrified to discover her images had been taken and used on a pregnancy fetish website.

Katie, who has bared her bump throughout her various pregnancies at red carpet events, said, 'The difference is, I knew I was showing it off. I was in control.'

'I don't take pictures of my bump and send it to friends like that, but I can't sit and say, "Oh no I won't do that" because clearly I've done shoots and been paid for it. I'd be two-faced [if I said it wasn't right to share these pictures].'

Janet Street-Porter then revealed that Katie and Kerry Katona were the two panellists whose pictures had been used on similar sites, to which Katie responded 'Can we see the picture?'

Would you share your breastfeeding pictures online? Let us know your thoughts on Katie's comments in the box below.


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