Katie Price reveals that she’s found shocking messages on son Junior’s phone

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  • Katie Price has admitted that she checks her kids’ phones regularly and reads everything – adding that it has, in the past, left her shocked at what she found.

    The 39-year-old mum-of-five says her children Princess, 10, and Junior, 12, have no online privacy as she watches their every move.

    Speaking as a panellist during a recent appearance on ITV’s Loose Women, the former model said: ‘I go through the kids’ phones with a fine tooth comb, they’re not even allowed to have their own password, I have to know their password.

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    ‘And what I love best is when they’re in bed, I sit there and I go through their phones and i have to know everything, from the pictures to the messages.’

    Defending her actions to her fellow panellists, Katie went on to reveal that she has been appalled at what young girls have sent her son, saying: ‘There are some girls on Junior’s that I have blocked.

    ‘The things that 13-year-olds would send 12-year-olds, I can’t believe they do it,’ the mum explained.

    ‘So I block them, I go on his notes in case he’s saved their names and that, and then I tell him, I say I’m not having girls like that send you stuff like that.’

    However, when it comes to Princess, Katie insists it’s different: ‘She’s not in the same mind-set as Junior at the moment because she’s only 10.’

    And, due to their lives in the spotlight, Katie insists that the kids keep everything private and don’t send pictures to anyone.

    ‘I make it clear to them that they never send people pictures of anything, that they make it all private,’ she continued.

    ‘And then I go through their history, they’ve recently deleted so I can see everything that they’ve done.’

    Playing the ‘trust’ card to make sure they stay in check, Katie added: ‘And they know I do it, I say to them, “If I do find something and I lose that trust, you’re never having your phone back,” so they’ve learned.’

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