Katie Price divides fans with latest picture of son Jett

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  • Mum-of-five Katie Price has caused a debate in the comments section of one of her latest pictures of Jett as some people suggest she should cut her son's hair.

    Katie Price is no stranger to controversy but she always stresses that her family are her priority and she tries to do her best for her children.

    The mum-of-five regularly posts about family life on her social media pages and with 1.8 million followers, it is no surprise that the pictures often receive a lot of interaction.

    Katie recently posted a picture of her four-year-old son Jett, whose father is Katie’s ex husband Kieran Hayler.

    The picture shows Jett sat in front of a fan, grinning with his long curly blond hair framing his face. Katie wrote in the caption: ‘Love Jetts hair he won’t let me cut it 🔥’.

    The post has received nearly 18,000 likes and has more than 300 comments but Katie’s followers are divided.

    Some have complemented Jett’s locks and commented that it’s just like his older half sister Princess’s hair.

    However, others have suggested Katie should cut it, despite the fact Katie said he loves it and won’t let her.

    Love Jetts hair he won’t let me cut it 🔥

    A post shared by Katie Price (@officialkatieprice) on

    One person wrote: ‘Long hair on a boy looks scruffy, my boy will not be looking like a scruff if you want yours to then you crack on.’

    Another added: ‘You’re the parent, you make the decisions not the child’.

    A third said: ‘Wouldn’t give a 4 year old a choice……who’s the adult? Looks like a girl….’

    Defending Katie one person wrote: ‘Love long hair on little boys – hate that people make them conform. Let him be him.’

    A second person said: ‘The boy doesn’t appear to be unhappy with his hair so what’s the problem?’.

    A third commented: ‘It’s lovely just like princess’s 👑’.

    Katie isn’t the only celebrity mum to face criticism for leaving her son’s hair long. Last year mum-of-two Jessica Simpson came under fire for the same reason as did Megan Fox. 

    What do you think about the debate? Should Katie cut Jett’s hair or should she leave it long if that’s how he wants it? Let us know your thoughts by heading over to our Facebook page and joining the conversation! 



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