Katie Price slammed by trolls for posting ‘pouting’ pictures of Princess online

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  • Katie Price has been criticised by online trolls after posting pictures of her daughter Princess on Instagram.

    The pictures of her daughter posing for the camera have been deemed inappropriate by hundreds of mums.

    Katie is no stranger to courting controversy when it comes to her parenting, especially in relation to social media. After recently being criticised for giving her pre-teen children their own Instagram accounts, she’s now being blasted for what she shares on her own page.

    While daughter Princess had a girlie play date with a friend, Katie appeared to give the little girls make-up to play with and took photos of them posing with their new looks.

    Katie posted one particular pouting shot to Instagram, which features the two children posing for the camera with their hair flung to the side and lips pursed in a classic ‘selfie’ pout.

    The post was captioned, ‘My little gorgeous Princess @officialprincessandre and her friend @carys_zoellalovers20 playing dress up and make up ❤️’.

    Within hours the post had received lots of attention, with hundreds of divided comments on whether this was an appropriate image of a child.

    One user pointed out that Princess’ friend may have parents that aren’t comfortable with this kind of attention, ‘I wonder if the little girl’s parents like over a million people seeing their daughter pout 🙈’ while another questioned Katie’s actions, ‘I like u Katie but putting this on social media theirs to many weirdos about’.

    Another user commented, ‘When I was their age I used to enjoy smiling for pictures not pouting. Sad new reality we live in’ and many more agreed, ‘I agree that little girls should be allowed to play with makeup, they both look lovely. It’s sharing this with the whole world on social media that I disagree with. The amount of sicko’s on here, why would you want them to have access to a photo of two young girls dressed up to look older? If this was a private page where you only had followers that are your close friends I’d say that’d be safe, but not this’.

    My gorgeous Princess is defo a mini me loving the camera ❤️❤️

    A post shared by Katie Price (@officialkatieprice) on

    However, many of Katie’s fans were keen to support her, with one commenting, ‘Beautiful! Love how u let princess play with make up, it’s playing/pretending to be grown up. It’s what girls like doing. Like playing with dolls (babies).. They just want to be like their mums! Why does everyone have to be so negative? X’.

    Still waiting for Princess to have her operation #bravegirl ❤️

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    Another wrote,’All little girls like to dress up and play with make up its part of growing up. There is nothing wrong in these pictures and plenty of mums post pictures similar. Stop with the negativity and just be happy in life xx’.

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