Fans slam Katie Price for ‘constantly editing’ photos of daughter Princess

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  • Fans have hit out at Katie Price after suggesting that she has edited pictures of her daughter Princess.

    The mum-of-five shared a picture of her eldest daughter Princess, aged nine, to her Instagram account, along with the caption: ‘My little beaut’.

    Many of her 1.4 million followers were complimentary about the photograph, calling Katie’s middle child ‘beautiful’ and ‘stunning’, but a handful of commenters began to criticise the snap, claiming that Katie had added filters and effects to the image.

    ‘She will give her daughter a complex by constantly editing her photos. You can see the badly edited whites of her eyes,’ one wrote, whilst another added: ‘She looks creepy. Not being mean’.

    ‘That is a beautiful photo but uve edited her eyes,’ a third agreed. ‘It makes me sad that people look up to you yet in everything you promote, body image & perfection comes first. You say you’re real, every picture is doctored. Your family don’t need beautifying. Don’t edit your family. Don’t make them perfect, their imperfections already do that.’

    My little beaut

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    Others alleged that Princess was wearing accessories including false eyelashes and a wig, which sparked even more debate throughout the thread.

    ‘she’s a child … Pls pls stop making her grow up so fast … She’ll learn make-up and hair products when she’s old enough … Just STOP using her as your media prop!!!!!!!!!!’ one wrote to Katie, and another echoed: ‘Omg quite sad, hair extensions, and fake colour eyes 😢 on a little girl. And matching mummy spot on different cheek 😱 lol. Was following u but not gonna anymore after seeing that pic 😢 @officialkatieprice.’

    Another commenter said: ‘I agree let her child be a child, not by putting wigs and contacts its sad but I really like Katie but I do think it’s wrong’.

    It didn’t take long for fans to start jumping to the Loose Women panellist’s defence, with several saying Princess simply gets her good looks from her parents.

    ‘She defo looks like Pete here, she defo has the same shape of eyes as Pete does , beautiful girl, ppl need to calm down she is only playing with her mums wigs lol I’m sure any child would lol x’ one argued.

    ‘Beautiful ❤ leave the slating alone, her hair is straightened and her eyes are enlighten by the flash of the camera!’ a second responded. ‘Every little girls dream to be naturally beautiful 😘’