Katie Price shares video of son Harvey reading after being told ‘he would never see’

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  • Katie Price has shared a video of son Harvey reading, after being told ‘he would never see’.

    The mum-of-five, who often post little glimpses of her children on social media, took to Instagram to share the sweet video with fans.

    While Harvey is reading a book to his little sister Bunny, Katie can be heard saying: ‘You’re so good at reading your books Harv, aren’t you? Oh my God, did you enjoy that Bunny? That makes mummy so happy.

    ‘I’m really proud of you that you can read a book about frogs and to Bunny nicely too.’

    She then says ‘I love you Harvey’, to which he replies ‘I love you too’.

    Writing in the caption, she said: ‘So proud of Harvey reading a book to Bunny ❤️❤️ Harvey is amazing and considering I got told he would never see he can read a book 👌❤️👏❤️😁but obviously can’t see well but he tries so hard x’

    After posting the clip, the celebrity mum was flooded with comments from fans praising her and Harvey for being an ‘inspiration’.

    One fan wrote: ‘Katie that is all down to you. He’s and inspiration just like his mam. Your doing an amazing job with everything you have going up. Keep it up. He really is so lucky to have such a supportive and loving family 💕💕💕💕’

    A second said: ‘Katie you are a fantastic mummy you can see how much Harvey loves you and you have brought him up so well ❤️❤️❤️’

    A third commented: ‘I LOVE him!!! ❤️You have done SO SO well over the years Harvey! 😁 ….and Katie you have been theeeee most amazing mum!! You’re so lucky to have each other! 😘 x’

    A fourth also added: ‘He is such an inspiration. My son has autism and I always worry about him but seeing other children like Harvey makes me remember he will make his life the way he wants it. 💙💙 well done Harvey xx’

    Harvey, who’s Katie’s eldest son, suffers from a number of medical conditions including Prader–Willi syndrome, a condition that affects his development.

    Speaking on her reality TV show, Katie Price: My Crazy Life, Katie said she was told Harvey would possibly never walk or talk.

    ‘It makes you realise in life that a child you thought couldn’t walk or talk is now in a pool scuba diving – that’s a massive achievement,’ the mum said, after Harvey was shown learning how to scuba dive.