Katie Price slammed for 'tasteless' throwback Instagram picture from her pregnancy with Bunny

'There should be a very distinct line between maternity and soft porn'

Katie Price's Instagram account is the subject of debate once again after the glamour model posted a throwback snap of herself just minutes before giving birth to second daughter Bunny.

'Omg got some throwback pictures this is me pregnant with bunny and 5 minutes after this picture I had my c section', she captioned the post.

Katie's candid snap has drawn criticism from followers because as it shows her dressed in only compression stockings and a hospital gown, lifted up to show off her bump.

Her legs are positioned in such a way that you can't actually see anything, but that hasn't stopped some calling the image 'tasteless' and 'nasty', with many commenting that the photo is 'a bit much' and she should have been wearing knickers.

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'I'm all for baby bump photos that are classy and cute... but sorry this is neither' wrote one disgruntled commenter.

'I love Katie but some pics should be kept private,' agreed another.

'There is OR at least there should be a very distinct line between maternity and soft porn,' added a third poster. 'For those who cross the line and those who don't get that there is a line are part of the problem!!!'

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However, it wasn't long before Katie's loyal fans jumped to her defence in the comments section of the baby bump photo.

'I think this is a beautiful photo and anyone who looks or sees it in any other light needs there [sic] head testing!' defended one commenter.

Others raised a valid point in regards to the knickers comments – 'Don't get the hate for this? Did you all give birth with knickers on?! I have pictures of me with my baby as soon as she was born, should she be embarrassed I have no knickers on?? Nothing to be offended by.'

'Beautiful picture,' another said. 'These comments are so upset about beautiful nature. Thank you for sharing Katie!!! You're awesome ❤❤❤'