Katie Price faces backlash from fans over video of son Jett playing outside without shoes or a coat

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  • Katie Price has come under fire from fans for her parenting decisions once again after sharing a video of her son playing outside without shoes or a coat.

    Taking to Instagram the 39-year old mum posted a video of her four-year old son Jett, where the curly-haired lad can be seen stood outside, without shoes or coat, in the dark, hosing down a pink bike.

    Katie’s video commentary reveals: ‘Here I am giving the horses some food and look at Jett, no shoes on with the hose cleaning Bunny’s bike….’

    ‘I can’t wait to get in, it’s freezing,’ she says.

    I've how my kids just love being outside being free

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    However, the video – which has been seen over 211k times in 14 hours – has divided her 1.7m followers, with many saying that if she’s cold, her son must be even colder.

    ‘Playing out with no coat and cold water could actually cause a common cold… As shivering can depress our immune system which makes us more likely to catch a cold,’ wrote one.

    Another fan, who seemed a little confused about which of Katie’s children she’d caught on camera, agreed: ‘Why has she not got a coat on ? Poor little thing I bet she was freezing !!’

    ‘When it’s real cold outside and you don’t even know your kid is barefoot with a hose ? Wtf … 🙄’ a third wrote, followed by a fourth who posted: ‘Catching a death of cold yes ? 🤷♂️🤦♂️’

    However, several of Katie’s supporters were quick to defend the star, with one saying: ‘I’m sure if he was that cold he would say so and wouldn’t happily be playing with water, he may not have even been out long.’

    ‘My boys are exactly the same!! Love it!!’ said another, whilst this mum defended Katie by writing: ‘have two children myself and a responsible mum. Kids pick up germs and virus s all the time. Anyway not our business !!!’

    ‘It’s how an immune system is built, children are wrapped in cotton wool these days and that is not healthy,’ another added.

    What do you think? Is it a bit of harmless fun or should Jett have had shoes and coat on? Let us know in the comments box below.