Katie Price calls out parents raising children to be ‘cruel’ to those with special needs

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  • Katie Price has posted a powerful message via her Instagram account, calling out parents who raise their children to be ‘cruel’ to those with special needs.

    Katie has been praised before for her wonderful parenting of disabled son Harvey, 14, who suffers from blindness and autism.

    On Thursday evening the business woman and model shared a hard-hitting post on her social media, showing a faded blue background and striking black font spelling out her thoughts on parenting a special needs child.

    But, what the reality TV star had to say may not be quite what you think. Instead of focusing on how she feels as a mum to Harvey, she referenced what it would be like to parent a child that bullied a child with special needs.

    The post read, ‘I don’t think the worst thing that could happen is raising a child with special needs. I think the worst thing is to raise a child who is cruel to those with special needs.’

    Kaie’s post comes after Harvey recently suffered online trolling, with social media users insulting him because of his disabilities.

    The 38-year-old’s post got a lot of attention, gaining nearly 40k likes in under 24 hours.

    Many of her 1.4 million Instagram followers rushed to support her, praising both her and her son Harvey.


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    One follower commented on the post, ‘Very true, i work with children with special needs and i have brought my daughter up and will do the same with my son to treat them the same and with respect. My daughter has several children with special needs in her class and family and she treats them no different, some are her best mates!’

    Another social media follower agreed, ‘I totally agree you are spot on I hope lots of people read that statement and instil this in their children 👶 to educate them and ✋ stop this nastiness at a young age where bullying begins.’

    Some fans even shared their own heartbreaking experiences, as one parent opened up about their child who’s being bullied at school, ‘This brought tears to my eyes. My 10 year old is being bullied at school by his classmates.

    ‘He has learning disabilities and isn’t as mentally mature as his classmates. They will befriend him just to turn around and be mean to him. He is such a loving boy and it breaks my heart to see them break his spirit. Even all through this, he never says anything mean back to them.’