‘Please don’t do that’ Katie Price warned by fans over 'dangerous' behaviour with newborn baby

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Katie Price's fans were quick to comment on the mum-of-five's actions, after she posted a series of candid shots of her and her new goddaughter, Darcy, on Instagram.

The mum-of-five took to Instagram to thank the tot’s parents for choosing her to be godmother, and shared three photos with her 1.2 million followers saying just that.

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In the shot, Katie is seen holding the newborn aloft and pouts her lips for a kiss. Alongside the snap, she wrote: 'You can't beat a real love like with your god daughter. Thank you @rosieboys an @jamesbpmboys for believing I'm perfect for the job.'

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And while the photo garnered over 10k likes, some eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out the danger Katie was putting the new baby in, sparking a debate on Instagram. One fan wrote: ‘When you suffer from cold sores kissing a baby is not a good idea’, and was swiftly backed up by another commenter saying: ‘was thinking the same thing… certainly never on the lips..x’ 'Exactly,' said another, 'if the virus is passed onto a baby it can be very dangerous'.

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While this fan pleaded with the reality star to 'read up on it', saying: 'Don't kiss a newborn.... please read up on this....' Though some fans flew to Katie's defence: 'Technically her lips aren't touching the baby's lips', while another suggested that 'it could just be a pose for the pic'. Another added: 'She isn't even kissing the child and why come on here if you have nothing to do but be negative...' Previous news stories have highlighted the dangers of the herpes virus for newborns

And while coldsores may not prove to be a significant health problem for adults, babies under the age of 6 weeks, have weaker immune systems, meaning that the herpes virus can cause complications. Symptoms are not always easy to spot, but can include drowsiness, fever, not feeding properly, floppiness and unusual crying. What’s your take on the debate? Head to our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts!

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