Former Blue Peter star Katy Hill sparks debate on 'noisy' children in restaurants

‘Kids are part of society too!’

Former Blue Peter presenter Katy Hill has kick-started a debate after blasting an old couple for being 'miserable' about her noisy children in a restaurant.

Whether she meant to or not, the 46-year-old former Blue Peter star has divided opinion when she called out the couple for being 'miserable'.

Sharing the post with her 29.2k followers Katy wrote: 'Dear "Older Couple" in Pizza Express – You dislike children in restaurants? I dislike miserable older people who choose FAMILY restaurants!’.


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In a follow-up tweet, Katy said that her children's behaviour had been 'perfect', and that the couple obviously didn't want children in the same restaurant despite picking Pizza Express during half term.


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The blonde mother-of-two added: 'DON'T GO TO PIZZA EXPRESS IN HALF TERM! Simples! Hope I never get old and bitter.'


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Katy, who is mum to Kaya, 8 and Akira, 6 went on to write in a reply post: ‘Kids are part of society too! They're just not conformist like miserable older people.'

Katy with her kids, Kaya and Akira

Many parents were on Katy's side, with one posting: ‘Sod them. Restaurants are for everyone.’

'Who on earth would go to Pizza Express at half term if you don't want a restaurant full of kids!?', admitted another.

'What were they expecting from a family based restaurant?', queried another fan.

While this follower posted: 'Children are not robots. Going to restaurant is a rare treat for some. Kids should not have to sit miserable and quiet.’

'I'd rather have older folk sitting near me then unruly brats,' posted another.

While some stood firmly in the 'miserable' couple's camp: 'If parents taught their children to behave in restaurants and other public places older people wouldn't moan.'

This follower sat on the fence, empathising with both sides of the debate: ‘As a parent as long as children are seated and not running amok. I don't have an issue. I have seen some shocking parenting in public before’

Whose side are you on on this debate? Let us know in the comments box below.


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