Kym Marsh reveals emergency hospital visit with ‘terrified’ daughter Polly

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  • Kym Marsh has opened up about an emergency visit to hospital with ‘terrified’ daughter Polly, as she started ‘gasping for breath’.

    The Corrie star revealed she had a scare when her six-year-old daughter Polly started suffering from a bad cough and a cold.

    Writing in her OK! magazine column, the actress said: ‘There was a bit of a drama in our household last week.

    ‘Polly started to develop a cough and a cold, but on Wednesday night at 11.30pm she just started gasping for breath.’

    The 41-year-old continued to say that she had to rush to hospital with Polly, where she was diagnosed with croup.

    ‘I had to rush her over to Salford Royal Hospital. It turned out she’d got croup. It’s something that children up to the age of three can get but Polly is six.

    ‘It was horrible and her cough sounded like she was sea lion. I didn’t get to bed until 5am and even then I couldn’t sleep.’

    The mum also added that Polly was ‘terrified’ but the hospital was great in handling her case.

    ‘The hospital were brilliant and the staff put Polly at ease because she was terrified. It was really horrible to see’, she said.

    is nasty cough that’s caused by a viral infection to the throat, and usually affects children under the of three, kids up to the age of six could occasionally get it.

    Earlier this year, the NHS issued a warning to parents about croup, urging them to check for the signs of the condition such as nasty ‘barking’ cough, as health officials noticed a rise in the cases of youngsters suffering from it.

    Parents are being urged to check their kids for signs of croup and to listen out for a nasty ‘barking’ cough after health officials in Wales warned of a rise in the cases of youngsters suffering from croup.

    Croup tends to be more common during the colder months in autumn and winter, and because it’s as contagious as the common cold, it can spread fast.