Kym Marsh hits out at ‘vile’ trolls who impersonated her six-year-old daughter online

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  • Kym Marsh has hit back at ‘vile’ online trolls that set up a fake account for her six-year-old daughter Polly, asking fans to report the impersonators.

    The Coronation Street star took to Twitter to ask for help with an upsetting matter from her 731k strong following.

    Tweeting out to her friends, family and fans, the actress revealed that online trolls had created a fake account in the name of her six-year-old daughter Polly.

    The impersonation, otherwise known as ‘catfishing’, had taken place on Twitter and displayed photos of Kym’s little girl playing with her mum and family in both the profile and cover photo slots.

    Strangely, the account merged both Kym’s real life family, and that of her Coronation Street role, calling Polly by the last name of Connor and referencing to ‘michellex45’ as her mum in the bio, the name of Kym’s soap character.

    Kym took a snapshot of the account and tweeted the picture with a message that read, ‘Can everyone please reported this account please’.

    The 40-year-old mum also replied to her own tweet with a second message saying, ‘this is vile once again x 😡’.

    Fans flooded Kym’s tweet with messages of support, assuring her that they had reported the fake account.

    One Twitter user said, ‘this is absolutely outrageous. These people must be blocked immediately.’

    Whilst another agreed, ‘My god. This is awful! Some people have nothing better to do. Making an account of a child is beyond sad and sick! Reported. 😡’

    A third social media user echoed Kym in calling the trolls ‘vile’, replying, ‘That’s disgusting for someone to do that. Hope it gets taken down. Some vile people around. Heartless and Thoughtless x’

    Kym with her daughter Polly

    Kym was previously targeted by creators of fake online accounts who made a Facebook profile under her name and made comments about her family.

    At the time the mum-of-four responded in her OK! column and said, ‘Some sicko set up a fake Facebook profile in my name and wrote that I was writing a song for my niece Kim who had died from cancer a few days before – I’m furious.

    ‘There are some very sick, disturbed people out there. It’s quite shocking – they need locking up. Just so you know, I’m not on Facebook, only Twitter.’

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