‘I’ll NEVER change my view on this’ Lauren Goodger sparks HUGE debate about childcare with divisive tweet

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  • Lauren Goodger has sparked debate about childcare on social media, after saying that parents should not leave their children to go to work.

    The reality TV star took to Twitter to share her opinion on working parents leaving their children in childcare, responding to a news story about a family who discovered their nanny was pinching their baby’s nose and beating him, after setting up a secret camera.

    ‘This lady needs more than a sentence I feel so uncomfortable watching that I could cry .. put me in a room with this women she needs this treatment done to her I feel f**king ragging ! This is why parents should NOT go to work and leave with a Nanny ! I don’t care what people say’, she wrote.

    The 31-year-old then went on to say that she does agree with leaving children in the care of people you know, but not strangers.

    ‘No amount of money or career Is worth leaving my baby with a stranger!NEVER it’s heartbreaking to think mums would still do this even after seeing this!Like I say if u no the nanny well or adult your leaving them with n u trust them that’s different story!its not always the case💔.’

    ‘Actually not even wasting my time explaining .. you no exactly what im saying about leaving your baby with someone you trust yes even a nanny that you no well !.. id never leave my baby with someone I hired ! Here’s your prime example why and I’ll NEVER change my view on this ..’

    The post got a lot of backlash on social media, from people who branded Lauren’s opinion ‘ridiculous’.

    One woman wrote: ‘As a nanny myself, that statement is so degrading. 99.9% of people who work with children do it for the love of the job and the satisfaction of watching these kids grow healthy and happy. Don’t paint a large group of people with one brush.’

    A second said: ‘What a daft thing to say. I’m sure lots of parents would love to stay at home but this is just not financially possible! For someone who gets so upset with bodyshamers maybe you should think twice before you make comments about what parents need to do to feed their children.’

    A third added: ‘So glad you are getting slated for this comment Lauren!!! What a ridiculous thing to say!!!!! So your basically blaming the parents for going to work!!!!’

    However, not everyone disagreed with the TOWIE star’s opinion: ‘Mad seeing people’s replies to this! Agree with every word 🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏼’, one said.

    Another also wrote: ‘I’m totally with you Lauren! Why have children if you’re going to leave them for 37 hours a week! I’m all for mums working, part time! My mum always worked and I resent her for it!’

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