Six-year-old girl dies from meningitis within 12 hours of showing symptoms

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  • A six-year-old girl has died from meningitis just hours after showing symptoms.

    Layla Rose Ermenekli passed away after contracting meningitis in one of the ‘worst cases’ medical professionals in Manchester had ever seen.

    The little girl began showing symptoms of the disease on Friday afternoon and tragically could only fight off the virus until the following day. On 3rd February Layla was taken into Accident and Emergency at Royal Oldham Hospital in Manchester.

    The youngster’s symptoms started with a high temperature, headache and stomach ache but quickly worsened meaning she had to be put on an antibiotic drip.

    Heartbreakingly, on Saturday morning Layla lost her battle with the illness and passed away in her sleep after being briefly resuscitated when her heart stopped beating.

    Kirsty Louise Ermenekli

    Kirsty Louise Ermenekli added a new photo.

    Layla’s parents, Kirsty and Ricky, have released a touching statement that tells of the ‘bubbly’ little girl that Layla was.

    ‘Layla Rose was so bubbly. She always had a smile on her face and never let anything phase her.

    ‘She was such a colourful character, such a precious girl. She touched so many people’s hearts and made people laugh and smile daily with her cheeky shy character.

    ‘She was so loved and words can’t describe how much she will be missed.’

    Initial test results found it was meningococcal meningitis, an infection which causes the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord to become inflamed.

    Hospital staff as well as friends and family have been deeply shaken by how quickly the infection took hold of Layla, taking less than 12 hours to overcome her.

    The family want to spread the word to other families, warning them of how quickly this illness can strike.

    Family friend Hannah Morrey said of Layla, ‘She had this cheeky, infectious laugh and beautiful smile and absolutely loved her little dancing friends.’

    Hannah explained that the six year old had been fine in the day on Friday, before adding that it was the worst case of meningitis the hospital had seen.

    ‘Doctors confirmed it was the worst case of meningitis that Royal Oldham Hospital has ever seen.’

    Kirsty Louise Ermenekli

    Kirsty Louise Ermenekli added a new photo.

    Hannah has now launched a fundraising page to help the family.

    ‘I just felt helpless after Layla-Rose passed away. No amount of money can bring her back but I thought it would be one less thing Kirsty would need to think about.

    ‘No one should have to bury their child, or worry about how they can fund the best send off their baby deserves.

    ‘Money shouldn’t have to be an issue at a time like this. However they choose to spend the money I would be happy knowing I’ve been able to do a little something for my friend and her family through this heartbreaking time.’