Social media mums respond to viral post that says ‘children are not an excuse to be dirty’ or ‘lazy’

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  • The mother of a two-week-old baby has come under fire after her self-titled ‘rant’ has gone viral. Let’s just say there are a few other mums who disagree with her views on modern parenting…

    The anonymous note starts by the mum of one opening up about wanting to get something off her chest. Judging by the reactions, she probably shouldn’t have.

    She begins by saying it ‘bothers’ her ‘how much being a parent has turned in to a martyr profession’ recently, and how she feels being a parent isn’t an excuse for a messy house, manic meals or a pile of unwashed clothes.

    She then goes on to admit that she’s ‘only two weeks in’, which turns out to perhaps be her biggest mistake. The social media mummy mafia were quick to take her down, and put her right back in her place with their keen observations that two weeks in doesn’t qualify her to judge any other parents. Ouch.

    She rounds off with a ‘wish that this attitude to parenting would go away, and quickly’. She astutely observes that ‘too many people are mistaking laziness for normal parenthood ordeals’ and that it ‘needs to stop’. Here, here! Now, if only we had been about to get the three year old to stop drawing on his baby brother for long enough to write such an insightful piece on parenthood…

    Other mum’s responses have been hilarious, with various bloggers and writers posting witty comebacks for the new mum. One of our favourites is this one from blogger The Unmumsy Mum, where she helpfully annotates all the genius advice we’re being give:

    And it looks like we’re not the only ones to like it. The post has nearly 10,000 shares, over 37,000 likes and close to 5,000 comments. Many of which will make you giggle, too.

    Another response that has been getting a lot of positive feedback is from mum and blogger Olivia Siegl who writes: ‘If my child smeared peanut butter on the curtains I would a) be amazed at their dexterous and adventurous ambitions of being able to open the cupboard let alone the jar and B) thank my lucky stars it was not poo!

    One Facebook user, Vix Kennedy commented: ‘Dear “Perfect 2 week Mum” As I sit here at 4am typing this I want to congratulate you on your super organised skills managing your 2 week old baby. Go you!

    ‘I’m up as my 7 year old has the dreaded vomiting bug and has just spewed all over my bed. That’s nice.

    ‘But being the awesome mum I am I’ve breezed it after a full days work with an hour and a half commute either end, I’m on 7 antibiotics a day following surgery 2 weeks ago and infection oh joy and I still do all the housework stuff you do but you know I mopped my child’s brow whilst tripping over the crap and toys left down the side of my bed, skillfully gathered my minging vomit soaked sheets and have scraped this off with a plastic bag on my hand to get them in the wash.

    ‘It’s a doddle really, you are SO right and I don’t know what all the fuss is about either.’

    Another Facebook mum Laura Leathem joined in the debate too, saying: ‘Yeah I thought it was a doddle in the first two weeks as well! (when all my son did was sleep and before years of sleep deprivation hits!) fast forward 4 years and I’ve just googled “how to make your child listen to you”‘

    We feel you Laura!

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