Dad turns baby into the most adorable (but naughty!) leprechaun ever for St. Patrick’s Day

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  • For our St. Patrick’s Day present to you we’d like to present the cutest leprechaun of all time.

    Meet baby Rockwell, who happens to be a very mischievous little leprechaun and seems to be very far from his ancestral home of Ireland. Ending up in Utah, we can only assume he followed a rainbow.

    Rockwell’s cheeky antics are the result of his dad’s, 40-year-old Alan Lawrence, Photoshop skills and imagination. Alan, who has racked up an incredible 77.7k Instagram followers, is a dad of six and often has fun dressing his little ones up for his website and social media accounts called That Dad Blog.

    Previously little Rockwell, the youngest of the Lawrences, has taken on the guise of a real life Elf on The Shelf, and big brother Wil is the star of his very own series called Wil Can Fly where his dad Photoshops him onto backgrounds to look like he’s soaring through the air.

    For Rockwell’s latest look his dad Alan explained that he had transformed from his previous alter ego, the elf, just for the season and it looks like he’ll be up to some good old fashion Irish tricks, explaining on his blog that he would be, ‘Planning for uncertain events’ and keeping track of the ‘Leprechaun’s daily activities’, before adding, ‘I will continue to add days to this post until the Elf decides to return back to his semi civilian ways.’

    The series of pictures of Rockwell as a leprechaun are listed in a diary format on Alan’s blog and detail all his goings on. It all starts innocently enough with Will and Rockwell pictured with a sewing machine.

    Alan writes beside the picture: ‘I have no idea what these two have planned for March but they sure have been spending a lot of time in the sewing room. They’ve asked me to slide sandwiches and pixy sticks under the door for the past three days but today I managed to snap this photo before they noticed me. I should probably supervise this but as long as they are not running with the scissors I’m good.’[/instagram]But next come the tricks. A picture of Rockwell’;s first appearance as a full-on leprechaun is accompanied b the caption: ‘Day 2: We just sat down to breakfast when the doorbell rang. Apparently he wanted to make an official entrance as a leprechaun. I’m not sure if the beard is real, every time I try to touch it he kicks me in the shins. Looks like it’s time to start sleeping with one eye open again.'[instagram]

    With his adorable green outfit, gold trimmings and ginger beard it must be hard to enforce discipline on this mini mischief-maker. From pouring green paint into a washing machine to burying his pot of gold, Rockwell is one busy leprechaun on a mission to spread the gift of green.

    We can’t wait to see what Rockwell the leprechaun gets up to next!