‘He’s not a leper’ Dad slams friends who fail to invite his autistic son to kids’ birthday parties

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  • A heartbroken dad has hit back at friends who failed to invite his autistic son to any of their own children’s birthday parties.

    Shane Stephenson sent a furious message to his friends after none of their children invited his autistic six-year-old to any of their birthday events. Christine Stephenson, Shane’s wife, then shared her husband’s post, in which he explains his upset that people he knows overlooked his son Reilly, on Twitter.

    Posting under the username @life_of_reillys, Christine posted the original message with the caption: ‘My husbands message to his mares breaks my heart’, she included the hashtags #inclusion #autism followed by a crying face emoji and heartbroken emoji.


    In the original message Shane wrote: ‘Right this has been brewing for some time so here it goes and you can like it or f***ing well lump it.

    ‘My son Reilly has autism not f***ing leprosy; he is 6 years old and my so called friends who have kids also have kids parties. Not ONE invite not f***ing one.’

    He added: ‘Think about that whilst you go and f*** yourselves; have you any idea how hurtful that is?

    ‘Just for the record in future don’t bother he’s not an after thought he’s my every f***ing thought.’

    The honest and raw post struck a chord with many users of Twitter, where It has been retweeted over 2,000 times and received nearly 5.5k likes.

    Many left comments of sympathy and understanding: ‘Well done, every word rings true. We were told at nursery “the other children don’t like him please don’t bring him back”,’ said one follower.

    ‘No one really gets it unless your in it. But I’ve learnt to let go of those “friends”,’ admitted another. ‘It’s quite liberating. But it doesnt take away the pain.

    Others offered congratulations to Shane and Christine for speaking out.

    ‘Your son and husband sound amazing,’ a third applauded, while another follower defended Shane’s swearing as she congratulated him on taking a stand.

    ‘Sometimes only sweary will do. What a fab dad, said what had to be said… I’d be so proud of him.’