Mum’s hilariously honest pregnancy cartoons go viral

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  • A mum’s cartoon drawings have gone viral after depicting some of the most hilariously accurate situations of pregnancy and beyond.

    Line Severinsen, a mum-of-two from Bergen, Norway, posts her drawings on her website, Kos og Kaos, as well as her Facebook and Instagram accounts, and has since gathered a wealth of followers from across the globe who love her relatable doodles of all things motherhood.

    Line has illustrated everything from inevitable everyday difficulties of pregnant life…

    …to – ahem – changes to your sex life…

    …and the unwanted attention many expectant women face.

    She’s also dabbled in the challenges of post-birth life too.

    Last thing you want to hear after giving birth😝 #pregnantbelly

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    Speaking to Goodtoknow, Line explained: ‘I started the cartoons as a personal diary in 2012 when I was pregnant for the first time, with my daughter. I was feeling sick and tired all through my first trimester. Drawing helped me deal with the pregnancy problems.

    ‘I started sharing them online, and got a lot of feedback from other women saying how much they love my cartoons, and that they can relate to these situations. The feedback has been very motivating.

    ‘I’ve been posting a comic a week since then, last week something amazing happened and people from all of over the world are now following me on Instagram and Facebook. I’ve gone from a few hundred followers to almost 7,500 followers almost over night.’

    Line now has more than 20,000 Instagram followers (us included!) but thankfully, she’s got plenty more tales to tell to keep us all amused.

    ‘With a three year old and a five month old I’m sure I won’t run out of stories!’ she added.

    Mustache Monday 👨🏻 #movember

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    Thanks to Line, for reminding us that no matter where you’re from, pregnancy is an amazing but, erm, humbling experience for us all. We ca’t wait to see what she draws up next!