Little girl has the BEST response when other children stared at her birthmark

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  • Dropping your children off at nursery or school can be a worrying time for parents.

    Will they enjoy it? Will they cry? And of course, will the other children be nice?

    But one little girl had the best response when the other children began giving her funny looks because of her birthmark.

    Two-year-old Lydia was born with a port-wine stain birthmark on the left side of her face. When she was dropped off at pre school, her mum, Kelly Wilson Bossley, noticed some of the other children giving her daughter some funny looks.

    In a Facebook post, she said: ‘I could tell my daughter noticed some of her new classmates staring and whispering when they saw the fresh bruising on her face from her latest treatment to keep her port wine stain birthmark healthy.’

    However, while this might be enough to make another toddler cry, and never want to go back, Lydia had the best reaction.

    Her mum explained: ‘Instead of getting upset or self conscious, Lydia simply walked over to her cubby, pulled out the copy of Sam’s Birthmark and handed it to her teacher to read to the class.’

    The book Sam’s birthmark is about a little boy who also has a port-wine stain birthmark. Every book comes with a spare copy to give to school to help the other children understand that birthmarks are completely natural. After worrying about what the other children would think, Kelly gave the copy to Lydia’s school.

    Image: Sam’s Birthmark

    Due to the type and location of Lydia’s birthmark, it can thicken and so Lydia receives laser treatment to keep it away from her mouth and eyes. However, the treatment can cause bruising and swelling.

    Kelly admits that it was hard at first to deal with the funny looks and staring, especially as Lydia is a twin. Speaking to the Huffington Post she said: ‘At first I had a tough time dealing with the stares and occasional nasty comments out in public, particularly after a treatment that would leave her face bruised for several weeks’.

    ‘Twins in general can attract a lot of attention and questions, then if one of the babies has a very noticeable physical difference, strangers often seemed to have no filter.’

    But it seems like Lydia doesn’t let anything phase her and we think her ability to look past silly whispers and stares is brilliant. We can’t believe she’s only two year-old!

    Mum Kelly was full of praise for her little girl in her face book post. She said: ‘She isn’t even 3 yet but her resilience and ability to self-care blows me away. I cried nearly the entire way to work – not because I worry how her peers will treat her in the years to come but because I know this girl is gonna do big things!’

    We think so too!