Is this man’s note the best excuse to avoid a car parking ticket ever?

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  • A man from Liverpool has come up with a rather creative way to avoid those nasty parking fines, and it involves crisps. Because you know, they’re a universal expression of peace.

    After celebrating the season with perhaps one too many tipples, the man sensibly decided to leave his car outside the pub and walk home. Understandably worried about the prospect of finding a fine on his windscreen the next morning, he took matters into his own hands.

    The mystery man wrote a letter asking to be excused for his parking until 10.30am. The note he attached to his windscreen read: ‘Dear Mr/s Traffic Warden, I will be at my car by 10:30am… Promise! Please do not book me, I had a Christmas pint with the lads and didn’t want to drink and drive, here is a packet of chrisps [sic] on me!! Happy Christmas!!’

    And even in his ‘merry’ state he didn’t forget the dangers of leaving a bag of chrisps out in the open. For anyone tempted to pinch the packet he wrote: ‘If you are not the traffic warden please don’t rob the crisps’, continuing with, ‘Don’t be that guy… no one likes that guy!’. Which, we can all agree is a very fair point.

    Local news website Liverpool Confidential’s editor Angie Sammons spotted the note and posted it to Twitter saying she had tracked down the car’s owner. She confirmed that the man hadn’t got a ticket and in fact, even his crisps were left intact. In a follow-up article Sammons said, ‘According to very reliable sources a blind eye was turned. Our man made it back to the car by the skin of his teeth and will live, fixed penalty free, another day. We aren’t naming him, or the location, because we are responsible like that and worry about the traffic wardens getting into trouble.’

    If there ever was a story to warm the heart it’s this, and a reminder to us all that if in doubt, leave crisps out.

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