Loose Women stars reveal Manchester attack has left their children ‘too scared’ to go to events

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  • The Loose Women stars have spoken out about the effects the devastating attack in Manchester has had on their children, with their youngsters now feeling too scared to attend events.

    After the tragic events in Manchester on Sunday evening, children and teenagers along with the rest of the country have been left understandably shaken.

    As the attack happened at a music concert aimed at pre-teen and adolescent girls it has worried many young people, most of whom were previously naive to these kinds of dangers. The tragedy has also left many parents unsure of how to talk to kids about terrorism, at a time when the conversation is more important than ever.

    Speaking on Loose Women, both Coleen Nolan and Katie Price revealed that their children have felt affected by the attack, making them nervous to go to a concert again.

    Although Coleen was not present on yesterday’s panel, the 52-year-old mum called in to open up about the trauma her teenage daughter is experiencing, as two of her school friends had been in the arena when the attack happened.

    Coleen, who lives in Manchester, revealed that she was supposed to take her 15-year-old daughter Ciara to a theatre show this weekend in the city centre, but she has had to cancel the trip due to her daughter’s concerns.

    ‘I was taking her to a show in town, at a theatre, but she said she didn’t want to go because she is too scared.’

    The mother-of-three continued to explain that Ciara’s fears were heightened after speaking to one of her friends that had attended the Ariana Grande concert, who, upon coming to school the following day, was understandably very emotional.

    ‘Two of her friends were at the concert, but they managed to escape. One went to school the next day and one didn’t.

    ‘The one that went spent all day crying and sobbing.’

    Fellow Loose Women star Katie Price also confessed that she was shocked to see how much the attack had affected her children.

    ‘There has been lots of terrorist attacks recently and the kids come home and they never, ever say anything.

    ‘But this particular one, they came home saying “Oh my God mum, did you hear about Manchester, all them kids got killed and stuff” and I think how did they even know?’

    The mother-of-five continued to explain how the tragedy has left her children worried that something similar could happen again at any concert.

    ‘Kids must know more than we think but they were deeply affected by this and they said “Does that mean that if we go to concerts now, this could happen?”‘

    The reality TV star continued to explain the difficult position she feels as a mother, trying to ensure her children don’t become fearful of living their lives.

    ‘I’m put in a situation because I don’t want them to think that wherever they go, something’s going to happen, you’ve just got to get on with your life.

    ‘Things can happen anywhere but you can’t stop your life, you still have to go along with these things.

    ‘But they were definitely affected by it.

    ‘They wanted to know how many kids have died, and I’m not even prepared to talk to them.’

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