Luisa Zissman welcomes newborn daughter with adorable picture – and gives her a gorgeous name

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  • Ex-Apprentice star Luisa Zissman welcomed a baby girl on Tuesday 2nd August named Indigo Esme, confirming the happy news on Twitter and Instagram.

    After a long pregnancy, including a failed induction in the hospital and her due date in July flying past, the star’s family finally has a new addition.

    Luisa had a water birth as she had originally planned, which only lasted an hour and without any pain relief! She expressed her happiness on Instagram, captioning the photo with baby Indigo’s birth information as well as writing,’I love giving birth!! It’s the most amazing thing ever!’

    She had surprised fans earlier this year by saying that she was looking forward to being in labour again, as she finds the experience ‘euphoric, orgasmic and amazing!!!’.

    The 29-year-old, who is already mum to five-year-old daughter Dixie, shared a picture of an article about ‘birthgasms’ to her Instagram account, writing, ‘This is so me…… No one believes me but giving birth is completely euphoric, orgasmic and amazing!!! Cannot wait to do it again… Only a matter of weeks now 😁💕 #birthgasm #birthgasmic’

    Main image: Instagram/Luisa Zizzman

    Luisa shocked fans by admitting to her followers that she found birth to be a pleasurable experience

    Her 400,000 followers were quick to respond, with one writing ‘Oh @luisazissman you’ve only done it once lovely. If it’s still amazing after the second one I’ll believe you’, and another adding ‘For me it was excruciating!!! I was like a raging animal, because I was induced. The only amazing bit was when my baby popped out’.

    However, others were quick to support Luisa’s opinion, with one such commenter saying, ‘I hope it is for @luisazissman too. Sometimes births can be so different. If I was like you I don’t think I’d stop having babies lol! Xx’

    Luisa, who competed to become Lord Alan Sugar’s next protégé in the ninth series of The Apprentice back in 2013, announced that she was pregnant with her second child on 1st April.

    Despite lots of speculation from fans that it was an April Fool’s prank, Luisa quickly confirmed that she was expecting with a picture captioned; ‘Meet bump.’

    The 28 year old added; ‘Last day sunning the bump can’t believe I’m 6 months already!’

    Many fans were quick to point out Luisa’s size, given that she is only 12 weeks off her due date.

    Madeleine Rudgee said; ‘6 months???? I’m bigger and I ain’t Preggo.’

    Laura-Jane said; ‘How is this woman 6 months pregnant and still has a flatter stomach than me?’

    Others were quick to leap to her defence, Amy Snow said; ‘All these people going on about her being small! Everyone carries different, I’m 7 months pregnant and don’t look that pregnant when led [laid] down. Bet when she is stood up it shows. Give her a break, she looks great! Not everyone piles in the pounds when they’re pregnant u know.’

    Because many mistakenly thought Luisa was playing a prank on 1st April, April Fool’s Day, even accusing the TV star of being insensitive to those who were struggling with infertility.

    Miss Kasoogi said; ‘If that’s an April fools it’s really not funny. Think about it.’

    Luisa quickly responded by saying: ‘Is it April Fools day today? I didn’t realise.’

    She also responded to one fan saying; ‘Bet none of the haters will apologise!’

    This is the first child for the Celebrity Big Brother star and her second husband, Andrew Collins.

    The pair married in July 2015 in France, after Luisa divorced her first partner Oliver Zissman in 2014 after five years of marriage.

    Prior to her celebrity status Luisa owned her own baking website, eBay electronics company and a cupcake shop called Dixie’s Cupcakery – named after her daughter.

    Luisa entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in January 2014 and finished fourth behind comedian Jim Davidson, N’Dubz singer Dappy and Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke.