Lila Kiddie: the six-year-old author with a heart of gold

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  • There are lots of things we love. Cute kids, devoted dads, good triumphing over evil and of course, happy endings. Well, we’ve found a lovely story that has all of these things by the bucketload. goodtoknowers, prepare to feel all warm and fuzzy, we want to tell you about a very special little girl called Lila.

    Lila loves telling stories. She’d rather sit down and make up imaginative tales and draw pictures of her characters than watch TV. She and her dad, Karl, spend hours concocting complex stories of aliens, magical creatures, angels and talking animals. It’s kind of, ‘their thing’.

    One of their favorite stories they made up together is called Princess Lila and Cave. It’s a fantastical tale that follows the adventures of a Princess and her hamster, Stinky, as they attempt to rescue Prince Foreyeness from an evil skeleton wizard. It took them eight months to get all the details and pictures just as they wanted them. But finally, their masterpiece was complete.

    Karl loved the book so much he decided to self-publish it. He and Lila talked about how people would have to pay to get hold of their book, but Lila didn’t want to make any money from her work. Her school was raising money for a local charity, the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund For Children. Someone from the charity had come in to talk to her class about the work they did for sick children and their families, and Lila decided to donate all the profits to the cause.

    Um, love her much?! Us too.

    To buy your copy of Princess Lila and Cave, visit Lila Kiddie’s blog. It’ll cost your £11.99 for a hard copy and £3.50 for the e-book.

    Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children offers practical and emotional support to children, teenagers and young adults living with cancer as well as their families. It also helps young people who have family members suffering with cancer.

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