Meghan Markle reveals the heartbreaking sacrifice she had to make for Prince Harry

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  • Meghan Markle has recently become engaged to Prince Harry, one of the most coveted singletons in the world, but there’s one particularly tough sacrifice she’s had to make in order to join the royal family…

    It was the news everyone had been waiting for, but hearts still broke everywhere when it was announced that Prince Harry was officially off the market and engaged to marry American actress Meghan.

    But even though a spot next to Harry in front of the altar sounds like a dream come true to many, marrying into the royal family comes with a few strings attached.

    The Suits actress will have to give up a few of the things that have been a big part of her life until now in order to join the royal family, which will be her full-time role from now on.

    Even though she didn’t disclose why, Harry’s bride-to-be has revealed that she’s had to leave one of her two beloved rescue dogs behind.

    Speaking in her first and only interview after the engagement so far, she said of her two pets who she frequently featured on her Instagram account: ‘Well I have two dogs that I’ve had for quite a long time, both my rescue pups. And one is now staying with very close friends and my other little guy is – yes he’s in the UK, he’s been here for a while.’

    Leaving her beloved pup behind wasn’t the only thing she’s had to do in order to join the royal family. The 36-year-old has also had to quit the show she starred in – legal drama Suits – for seven years, playing paralegal Rachel Zane.

    The news were revealed by the network responsible for the series, USA Network and Universal Cable Productions, who said in a statement: ‘From all of us at USA Network and Universal Cable Productions, we want to send our most heartfelt congratulations to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on their engagement.

    ‘Meghan has been a member of our family for seven years and it has been a joy to work with her. We want to thank her for her undeniable passion and dedication to Suits, and we wish her the very best.’

    The star will also be giving up all her current charity patronage, including being an ambassador for UN Women, it’s been revealed by Harry’s Communications Secretary Jason Knauf.

    He said in a statement: ‘Ms Markle is incredibly grateful for the opportunities that she has had with World Vision Canada and the UN women.

    ‘She has, through the organisations, been able to meet incredible smaller organisations right around the world.

    The couple announced the happy news on Monday and later confirmed they will tie the knot in May 2018

    ‘But she has made the decision that she wants to start with a clean slate and focus on the UK, and getting to know this country, and travelling around the Commonwealth. So the only the role that she will begin with is as patron of the Royal Foundation.’

    Meghan, who’s an American citizen, will also have to apply for British citizenship, but it’s unclear whether she will become a dual national or give up her American citizenship.

    Speaking about the many changes she will be facing over the next few months ahead of the big day, Meghan said she doesn’t see giving up her career as a sacrifice, but as a ‘new chapter’.

    She said: ‘Yes, but I don’t see it as giving anything up, I just see it as a change. It’s a new chapter. And also keep in mind I been working on my show for seven years.

    Meghan will be starting her new royal duties this week

    ‘So we’re very very fortunate to be able to have that sort of longevity on a series and for me, once we hit the 100 episode marker I thought you know what I have I have ticked this box and I feel really proud of the work I’ve done there and now it’s time to, as you said work work as a team with you.’

    She also said that having more time to dedicate to the causes she’s passionate about is ‘exciting’.

    ‘I think what’s been really exciting as we talk about the transition of this out of my career but into the role is that as you said the causes that have been very important to me, I can focus even more energy on.’