Michelle Keegan opens up about starting a family with husband Mark Wright

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  • Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright appear to be more loved-up than ever as they support each other from afar in their different career pursuits.

    While Mark has recently moved to America, Michelle is close to wrapping up an intense nine-month shoot for hit TV show Our Girl. The actress, who turned 30 this year, has been living aboard for most of the year, shooting in Nepal, South Africa and now Malaysia.

    However, despite living worlds away from one another at the moment, Michelle has said in a recent interview with The Sun that the pair are definitely panning their future together, and kids are on the cards.

    ‘We always say we both want to have kids, definitely, start a family. But when the time is right,’ she told the paper.

    Although that ‘right time’ might not be at the moment, Michelle admitted in a recent interview with Women’s Health magazine that she hopes it will be in the ‘near future.’

    ‘We’ve not planned anything and realistically nothing can happen right now because I’m too busy. But I’ve always been broody,’ she said.

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    The former Coronation Street actress also admitted that she’s already planning how many children she might have – and she’s got big plans for her brood!

    ‘I love kids and I want four,’ she revealed. ‘So hopefully in the near future.’

    However, for now the couple are focused on making a success of their careers as their stars are rising. Michelle returns as Corporal Georgie Lane in the hit BBC drama Our Girl next week, and Mark has recently relocated to LA to follow his dreams of being a successful television presenter.

    ‘I just find it really exciting that we’re working so hard separately, for our different careers,’ she said.

    The pair will be reunited in December, when Michelle has time off from filming and flies out to LA to see Mark in his new American home.

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