The brand new Monopoly Christmas Edition is a must-have for the festive season

If you haven’t fought with family over 'passing go' is it really Christmas?

Calling all Monopoly fans! You need this latest Christmas edition in your present pile.

Monopoly – buying and selling – it's a family classic, a board game that has survived through generations, and now there's a brand new special Christmas edition to enjoy.

Fighting over who gets to be the silver top hat, squabbling over paying rent and getting your mum to mediate tense banker ‘he’s cheating’ discussions - Monopoly really is a family classic game, enjoyed year after year.

There have been many special editions over the years, and many variations – like the Disney one - but now you can get your mitts on a limited edition Christmas Monopoly, which is crammed with festive cheer.

What are the differences, we hear you cry? Well, you can play with one of six special pieces, including a reindeer, Santa or even a roast turkey, before travelling around the board and landing on squares that highlight the best bits about Christmas. But be warned - there's still the infamous 'Straight to jail' square!

Not only can you go to a Christmas party, you can also decorate your tree and do all your present shopping. Plus there's even a kiss under the mistletoe.

Rather than the Chance and Community Chest cards, you have 16 Santa's Sack cards, and 16 Christmas Crackers cards.

And instead of wheeling and dealing in train stations, you'll be buying and selling Santa grottos and elf workshops instead.

The newest Christmas edition is available for £29.95 from Amazon, and is available to buy now.

Originally called The Landlord's Game, Monopoly was the basis of the board game sold by Parker Brothers, in 1935 – it’s a long-standing game brought out again and again for the last 82 years.

What do you think of the new fun festive treat? Will you be playing the Christmas edition or sticking with the original? Let us know in the comments box below.


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